Sorry For The Lack Of Posts! :(

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Sorry For The Lack Of Posts! :(

Postby MisfortuneRising » Thu Aug 30, 2018 9:19 am

Hey everyone! Sorry about the lack of posts lately! School just started for me and I've just been really busy in general. I hope to return to posting often on these forums. For now, I wanted to give you guys something to celebrate my 1 year anniversary on the Monomi Park Forums! :D It was three days ago, and unfortunately I didn't have any time to post anything. But, I do have something to give you guys now, so here it is:

Slime Rancher TV Series Reborn!

Your favorite ranchers are back in action with the rebirth of Slime Rancher: The TV Series! Join young and plucky ranchers Beatrix Lebeau and Mochi Miles as they travel to new mysterious zones, meet new friends (and foes), and learn more about themselves! You know what they say: With every pioneer, comes a new frontier. Be brave, be bold, and most importantly, stay wiggly!

Season 1: 20 Episodes

S1 Episode 1: Back On The Range

Synopsis: After taking some time off from ranching, Beatrix returns to her life as a slime rancher.

S1 Episode 2: Reunited

Synopsis: After two years of being back on Earth, Beatrix reunites with all of her friends on the range.

S1 Episode 3: Catching Up

Synopsis: Beatrix and Mochi take some time to catch up and hang out together.

S1 Episode 4: More To Learn

Synopsis: Even after being friends for quite a while now, Beatrix and Mochi take some time to learn more about each other.

S1 Episode 5: Sweetland Shenanigans

Synopsis: Beatrix and Mochi take a trip to the Sweet, Sweet Jungle, although Mochi is unaware of Beatrix’s sweet tooth.

S1 Episode 6: Family Secrets

Synopsis: After looking more into the history of their families, Beatrix and Mochi make some shocking discoveries.

8 Episode Special Event: The Mochi’s Lament Arc

S1 Episode 7: Miles Away

Synopsis: Mochi decides to go visit her father.

S1 Episode 8: Father Of His Pride

Synopsis: Even though her father isn’t happy to see her, Mochi tries her best to bond with him.

S1 Episode 9: The Lone Rancher

Synopsis: Frustrated that she can’t get any attention from her father, Mochi returns to the ranch in a foul mood.

S1 Episode 10: Mochi's Secret

Synopsis: After Beatrix comforts Mochi, Mochi realizes that her true feelings for Beatrix go beyond a friendship.

S1 Episode 11: The Breakup Part 1

Synopsis: Beatrix is heartbroken when she receives a starmail from Casey that was meant for someone else.

S1 Episode 12: The Breakup Part 2

Synopsis: Mochi is unsure of whether or not she should confess her feelings for Beatrix after Beatrix goes through her breakup with Casey.

S1 Episode 13: Shy, Shy Rancher

Synopsis: Still unsure of how and when to tell Beatrix her feelings for her, Mochi becomes more and more anxious.

S1 Episode 14: One Courageous Rancher

Synopsis: Mochi finally musters up the courage to tell Beatrix how she feels about her.


S1 Episode 15: Date Night Part 1

Synopsis: Having reached a new point in their relationship, Beatrix and Mochi go on their first date together.

S1 Episode 16: Date Night Part 2

Synopsis: Beatrix and Mochi’s date is interrupted by a surprise attack.

S1 Episode 17: Date Night Part 3

Synopsis: Just when it looks as if they’re about to be overtaken, Beatrix and Mochi discover a new ability.

S1 Episode 18: Together As One

Synopsis: In their new form, Beatrix and Mochi frolic around the range with much enthusiasm.

S1 Episode 19: The Big Reveal

Synopsis: Beatrix and Mochi show their friends their new ability.

S1 Episode 20: Sad Little Rancher
(Season 1 Finale)

Synopsis: Beatrix tells Mochi the story of her childhood and her parents. After thinking of everything from her past, Beatrix becomes depressed.

Season 2: 20 Episodes

S2 Episode 1: A Jaded Relation

Synopsis: Mochi’s older sister pays her a visit.

S2 Episode 2: Sisterhood Scuffle

Synopsis: Jade tries to steal Beatrix away from Mochi.

S2 Episode 3: The Last Straw

Synopsis: Fed up with Mochi and Jade’s arguing, Beatrix takes drastic measures.

S2 Episode 4: The Miles’ Trials

Synopsis: Mochi and Jade settle their differences.

S2 Episode 5: And Jade Makes Three

Synopsis: Happy to see them getting along, Beatrix spends the day exploring with Mochi and Jade.

S2 Episode 6: Tatsuya’s Takeover

Synopsis: Mochi and Jade’s father attacks the ranch after hearing that Jade went to visit.

S2 Episode 7: Dial ‘M’ For Miles

Synopsis: Tired of her father’s neglect, Mochi finally takes a stand against him.

S2 Episode 8: Bye Bye Mochi

Synopsis: Tatsuya is enraged at Mochi’s back talk, and his actions result in Mochi running away.

S2 Episode 9: Shiver And Burn Part 1

Synopsis: Beatrix and Tatsuya travel to the Shiverburn Meadows in search of Mochi.

S2 Episode 10: Shiver And Burn Part 2

Synopsis: Living up to the zone’s name, Beatrix is horrified when she finds Mochi half frozen and half burned.

S2 Episode 11: The Great Slime War

Synopsis: After finding Mochi in a critical state, Beatrix, Mochi, And Tatsuya get caught in the crossfire of the Meteor Slime and the Ice Slime.

S2 Episode 12: Escape The Meadows

Synopsis: Beatrix, Mochi, and Tatsuya scramble to escape the Shiverburn Meadows in time before they perish in battle.

S2 Episode 13: A Doctor For Mochi

Synopsis: Mochi is in critical condition, and is being taken care of by Viktor. Meanwhile, Beatrix chews Tatsuya out for his actions towards Mochi.

S2 Episode 14: A Better Man

Synopsis: Tatsuya wants to become a better father, but is worried of what Mochi might think.

S2 Episode 15: The New Mochi

Synopsis: Mochi wakes up, and Beatrix and the gang are shocked at Mochi’s new look.

S2 Episode 16: The Two Powers Of Mochi

Synopsis: Half ice girl and half meteor girl, Mochi is unsure of how to handle her new powers.

S2 Episode 17: A Daughter’s Grief

Synopsis: Mochi asks her father a very profound question.

S2 Episode 18: Mochi’s Balance

Synopsis: Mochi tries to learn how to properly control her powers.

S2 Episode 19: The Test Part 1

Synopsis: Beatrix helps Mochi learn to use her powers by giving her a test.

S2 Episode 20: The Test Part 2 (Season 2 Finale)

Synopsis: Mochi’s powers are put to the real test when a mysterious figure shows up at the ranch unexpectedly.

Seasons 3-5 will hopefully be coming soon y'all! Stay tuned! :D
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Re: Sorry For The Lack Of Posts! :(

Postby jarethverens » Thu Aug 30, 2018 10:52 am

Can it contain this? viewtopic.php?f=12&t=6495


Oh! This is a picture of it I made, in case you're curious.
Steampunk Slime 2.png
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Re: Sorry For The Lack Of Posts! :(

Postby MisfortuneRising » Thu Aug 30, 2018 3:23 pm

jarethverens wrote:Can it contain this? viewtopic.php?f=12&t=6495


Oh! This is a picture of it I made, in case you're curious.
Steampunk Slime 2.png

I’ll consider it. I already have most of the rest of my idea planned out, but I’ll see what I can do. :)
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