Slime cages

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Slime cages

Postby rorya01 » Sun Aug 26, 2018 10:27 am

So I've been recently spamming my ideas. You might think I'm insane but it's just I really like this game and sharing my ideas soooo yeah.
Cages, cages are a slime science gadget that acts as a mini corral to place in "certain" spots. There's three in each area except for the ranch.
How do cages work?
Cages as I said are mini Corral's that can fit 1 largo or 4 basic slimes. Cages are not very expensive you need to get to the fifth 72ee rank and you'll unlock it. It's a useful tool to hold slimes in there when your out of room and need to run back.
Are there upgrades?
Yes, the first one you unlock in the fabricator after you get the cage. It adds the high walls upgrade to it and makes the air net the cage has unbreakable. Second you get after purchaseing the first upgrade, it makes it a little wider and it's now the same size as a normal corral with an air net. Third and final you get by getting all ranks in the 72ee club. It allows you to place them anywhere and it now has an mini silo on the side.
So in total it's a useful tool for outdoor ranchers?
Pretty much. If you like exploring the beautiful far far range bring a few cages along.... WAIT NO DONT PLACE IT TH- welp you can block the Quicksilver slimes from going around the course.... Don't exploit it

This is just an idea I always wanted and also I wanted to share how we exploit the game and the devs have to patch it because it's game breaking so please, for the devs sake don't do too many exploits. I do use the moss blanket door skip though....I'm guilty of that
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Re: Slime cages

Postby jarethverens » Sun Aug 26, 2018 12:47 pm

Luckily Gold Slimes and Lucky Slimes still disappear, otherwise you'd make Mochi Miles jealous! XD
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