The blood moon and blue moon

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The blood moon and blue moon

Postby rorya01 » Sat Aug 25, 2018 6:23 am

So I'm back again with another crazy idea. I'll just start of by saying yes it probably wouldn't work in game to well but it's just my idea.
1 how's the blood moon work?
1 the blood moon comes once every 4 to 20 days. It causes all new spawning slimes out side of the ranch spawn feral. Blood moon also causes a new effect your heart will beat the closer you are to ferals indicating that beatrix is scared. (The heart rate could be turned off)
2 now how's the blue moon work
2 the blue moon is very rare. The blue moon comes every 20 to 30 days. The blue moon is a incredible event to a new player. During the blue moon slimes spawn more often and gold's are more common same with lucky slimes. The best perk of the blood moon is all slimes produce double plorts. For the fearless, venture into the glass desert for the opposite of a good time but with great rewards. The glass desert has a constant solar flare going during a blue moon. The rewards are good slimes are so common and a new slime appears.
Blue. Blue is a slime that increases in size each blue moon until it gets so big it pops. Why? You might wonder. When it pops it spawns a smaller blue to continue the process and a special item either a Blue plort that will always sell for 2500 new bucks ( crazy I know ) or blues slime toy that is actually a gadget. You place it wherever you want and next blue moon Blue will spawn there instead.
3 is there any new things either than this?
3 one. A new challenge mode for players who want either a even more calm playthrough or players who want hell on the far far range. Blue moons and blood tears. Blue moons is every night it's a blue moon and blood tears is food is less common slimes are only feral until feed and tarrs spawn naturally.
That's all I has. As I said this probably wouldn't fit in game so yeah.
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Re: The blood moon and blue moon

Postby jarethverens » Sat Aug 25, 2018 9:46 am

Maybe there could also be an Eclipse every 50-120 days, (Even more rare, just like in real-life) while it lasts only 6-8 minutes, Phosphors will spawn, and can survive at this time, Tarr will survive longer, Golds and Lucky Slimes will be confused, and distracted, as well as appearing more often, they will not flee while an eclipse is happening.
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