Cube slime and spiked oyster

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Cube slime and spiked oyster

Postby RandomHuman445 » Wed Aug 15, 2018 2:17 pm


Spiked oyster

Cube shaped, similar to the cube slime mod. Light blue(similar to slime sea) with dirt color marks near the bottom. Large purple eyes on the sides of the head. Two whiskers on front three waved back on the top of the head. No mouth. When it eats a blob covers the food.

By any shorelines exept for the glass desert. Rarely found near pounds.

Cube slimes are unique in that their body is a cube. The reason for this shape comes from a special chemical compound similar the cuberries. The whiskers on it's body are used to find food, especially spiked oysters. They are usually found near the shoreline, though on rare cases they can be seen by ponds.

Cube slimes don't have a standard mouths. Instead, they eat their food by letting it through their membrane wall, similar to an amoeba.

Rancher risks:
In order to get to their favorite meal, cube slimes need to pound the ground to get oysters to surface. If anything else is nearby, it will get quite the shake. A rancher can get a hard hit on the head if they aren't carefull around ledges. A slime normally doesn't mind this kind shock, but too much will start to annoy it.

It's whiskers have another purpose; playing (a theory is that they're used to help the slime find a mate. This hasn't been proven yet). The whiskers have tiny round fibers that "tickle" slimes. This can make them more jumpy.

Also unique to this slime is it's plort shape... which is cube shaped. When refined, these can be used for building materials in construction. It may be because of the shells of the oysters and bones if hen hens, but who knows?

Spided Oyster:
Location: Near the shorelines exept for glass dessert. Rare find near ponds.

The spided oyster lives in any kind of safe liquid it can find. When water lines lower, it burries itself. The only way to get these oysters is to either take a dip in a pond and hope for the best, or wait for a cube slime to bring one up from the ground.

While the shell is hard to break open, the meat inside tastes very close to fish back on earth. Ranchers who like seafood and are homesick usually eat these to make themself feel better.

Spiked oysters require water and food to breed and live normally. Put a few in a pond with an oyster food upgrade and they'll start to mate. They have a sense of when too many oysters are around, and will stop breeding when the pond gets crowded.
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