"Custom" Mode

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"Custom" Mode

Postby RadSlime3000 » Wed Aug 15, 2018 12:21 am

i've been fiddling around in slime rancher, and OH MY GOD IS IT FUN.
but, it does get a bit repetitive, so i thought of an idea.
Custom mode.
Simply put, when making the world, you get to customize a lot of stuff.
when you make a custom world, a GUI would open, with these options:
Grotto Open: Yes/No Default: No
Overgrowth Open: Yes/No Default: No
Lab Open: Yes/No Default: No
Gordo Max Size: 1-10 Default:1
Gordo Food Requirement: 1-100 Default: 50
Gold Gordo Food Requirement: 1-10 Default: 3
Pink Gordo Food Requirement: 1-50 Default: 30
Resource Rare item rarity: Common/Uncommon/Rare Default: Rare
Resource Uncommon item rarity: Common/Uncommon/Rare Default: Uncommon
Resource Common item rarity: Common/Uncommon/Rare Default: Common
Health Booster Power: 50-500 Default: 50
Ultra Health Booster Power: 100-1000 Default: 100
Power Booster Power: 50-500 Default: 50
Ultra Health Booster Power: 100-1000 Default: 100
Base Tank Power: 1-50 Default: 20
Tank Booster Power:10-50 Default: 10
Tank Power Booster MK2 Power: 10-50 Default: 10
Tank Power Booster MK3 Power: 10-50 Default: 10
Ultra Tank Booster Power: 20-100 Default: 50

Notes: the Health and Power booster powers are used as intervals, as every Version of them always adds 50 HP/Power in the base game.

The Gordo Changes only work on snared gordos.
Max Size 1 is the size of a gordo normally when its about to pop, so 10 would be x10 the size.
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Re: "Custom" Mode

Postby Jeb » Wed Aug 15, 2018 4:44 am

There used to be a Better Build mod which allowed some excellent customization to the world. Perhaps not everything you're speaking of. I'm hopeful someone in the modding community will one day develop a similar too, though there's no official modding support and as such may be more work than it's worth maintaining something like that. I'd like to see a future sandbox mode that gives more freedom.
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Re: "Custom" Mode

Postby jarethverens » Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:10 am

I literally just made a post about a Customization Mode not too long ago! (You didn't just read the post and copy it did you?) Nonetheless, I also think there should be an Official version of the Betterbuild Mod.
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