Better Tarrs

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Better Tarrs

Postby RadSlime3000 » Sun Jul 22, 2018 7:47 pm

So.... yeah.
i only just started playing slime rancher within the past 5 days...
and how long have i been on these forums?
Either way, after playing for a while, I think the Tarrs are a little bland, being one of the only threats in the game, and being easy to kill.

Tarr Variants
Every Tarr should have different variants to how the original slime worked.
For example, if a Rock Slime were to be tarr'd, it would keep the spiky head and be able to charge at you.

"Tarr Virus"
Everyone knows losing your favorite tabby slime to a tarr is heartbreakingly sad, and then you wish you could get them back without running all the way back to its respawn point. therefore, i wish tarrs would be "infected" slimes with the tarr virus, with said virus only forming when a largo eats another plort type. water wouldn't kill the tarrs, but would cleanse the slime of the virus.

Tarr Virus (Item)
Upon Cleansing a tarr, or just letting it bounce around, you will be able to collect the bits of ravenous rainbow left on the ground, giving you Tarr Virus to use. you can shoot this at a slime, turning it into a tarr (and giving you an acheivment: Colatarral damage) and be able to cleanse it again. tarrs formed by Tarr Virus being pelted at them will only drop one Tarr virus upon being cleansed.

Tarr Loading
everyone wishes tarrs couldn't form if you were far away from the ranch, right? so make it so they cant! slimes shouldn't be able to target plorts as food if a player is far enough away from the area.
this will prevent tarrs from forming without your notice.

A Upgrade you can get for your Vacpack, this item will put a small device on it that will beep if you are near a tarr, beeping faster the closer you are to it.
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Re: Better Tarrs

Postby MisfortuneRising » Sun Jul 22, 2018 8:05 pm

That’s a really great idea! Nice job! :D

Also, Slime Rancher is such an adorable game. I have absolutely no complaints. It’s addicting.
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Re: Better Tarrs

Postby EmeraldPlay » Mon Jul 23, 2018 2:21 am

The tarr virus definitely shouldn't be a thing. It changes them at a fundamental level and it also allows you to get your tarred slimes back, which should not be possible, since it's supposed to be punishment for you allowing this to happen. Casual mode exists for that reason.

As for the other ideas, Tarr being able to form far away from you isn't an issue. The tarracker wouldn't really find much use, since you already get alerted of Tarr nearby by their music. Tarr variants I could see work in-game, but it would require a lot of new Tarr actors for it.
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Re: Better Tarrs

Postby GoldenLucky99 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 4:54 pm

I can see this as a mod or something, but I agree with EmeraldPlay:
The Tarracker is literally useless. The special Tarr music gives it away.
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