Luminous Caverns

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Luminous Caverns

Postby Purplecharmanderz » Mon Jul 16, 2018 3:53 pm

Haven’t made a zone or area in a while, and with a recent trend I decided I would use my own take on it.

Zone Name: Luminous Cavern.
Zone Description: recently uncovered by a series of earthquakes, the cavern is a large open space with many ledges creating separate floors. The cavern is located at the end of a series of maze like tunnels, where a few slimes can be found. The main cavern has many species of moss growing along the walls, marking seperate distinct levels of the zone based on the colour.

Zone sub-areas:

The first sub area is where the maze, which contains all 5 of the moss colours based on altitude. The maze is home to many rock slimes, and a few pink. The rocks here though seem to have adapted to a change in diet, since their favoured heartbeets aren’t able to grow in the rocky soil. The local rocks consume much hardier vegetables, shallion, which has lead to an evolutionary split from their surface cousins.

The second sub zone is the bottom layer of the cavern, home to many vegetable consuming slimes, mainly rocks and pink. There is the strange and elusive crystal slime here, although the heat that resonates from their crystals drives the ecosystem to try driving it off. But what is it that drew the slime so far from its volcanic home? Back on the note of the bottom layer, it has many crystalline structures forming, and a river flows through it. The moss on the walls of this level glow a bright blue.

The third subzone isn’t until a bit higher up, and is ruled by a breed of chicken. Many bugs live on this layer, giving the chickens plenty of food. Few slimes spawn on this layer, but a cousin to the tabby exists which has adapt to the life in the caves. The moss here is a bit of a cyan.

The third layer is where the cavern grows wilder. Ferrous slimes exist here in high quantity, and strange crystalline structures start to appear. Bat slimes also can be found rarely here. A ferrous Gordo lives here, and emits an emp like aura. The moss is a distinct green.

The fourth level is where bat slimes can be found roosting, with a few random pogo fruits. The crystalline structures are far more frequent, and seem to be steaming. The moss is red.

The final sub zone is at the highest part of the cavern, the moss is a bright yellow and bat slimes are frequent. Two bat gordos can be found here along with a rare crystal slime. At the highest point of the zone, a small cave exists, within which there are three tunnels, each blocked by a gordo, a bat, pallas, and ferrous. Behind each Gordo a treasure pod waits, holding decoration blue prints from the zone. But why do the crystal slimes come here? Well if you look in the walls of the cave, there are grooves for crystal plorts. If filled the entire cavern will be filled with steam, which will steadily drain the players health. After a period of time (which will kill a player without max hp and a med station) the cavern will temporarily be in shock, causing gilded versions of the native slimes to spawn for about 5 in game hours. Teleporters inside the cave are also offline for this time.

Ferrous slimes- a close cousin to the rock slime. These slimes have grown more metalic over the millennia due to their iron rich diet. This has lead to them conducting static electricity from their surroundings, allowing their contacts to not only damage your health more severely than their cousins, but also your energy. The crystals made by crystal slimes also have a strange reaction to this charge, causing instant destruction with such ferocity that it mimics a booms explosion, but with smaller copies occuring nearby as well. This also drains your energy.

Pallas slime: a cave dwelling cousin to the common tabby slime. This slime has adapted to the caverns it calls home by learning to climb. Unlike its cousins, it can and will climb anything it sees. It has a has a longer jump than its cousins and will not fall if they hit the side of a wall, but rather adapt so that their bottom is facing the new surface. These slimes are excellent hunters, although are blind. They hunt by sound, and cant see anything that isn't moving. Any largo will carry this weakness.

Bat slime (want to rename this): an odd case of a slime adapt to eat both meat and fruit, but has a repulsion for veggies. It has such a repulsion that any largo will lose the ability to eat veggies. The bat slime seems to be related distantly to the phosphor slime, even sharing the repulsion to light. It doesnt how ever die in light, but it will refuse to eat. It can glide, although it doesnt have the phosphor's ability to fly.

Gilded: these slimes are in a state of purity, having their ecosystem ravaged in ways no one could have foreseen. These slimes are proven survivors of the worst, and produce only the best variety of plorts. Gilded slimes produce gilded plorts, which sell for 1.1x their shown price. Gilded plorts when fed to a non gilded slime, create a normal largo, but if fed to a gilded slime, produce a gilded largo.

Shallions: a cousin to the odd onion, this species has bewildered scientists with its ability to generate electrical fields just by existing. This how ever causes emp like blasts when more than 5 are in close proximity, reducing the energy of the player to 0, pausing all nearby extractors until manually restarted, and shorting out any ranch tech within a tangle vine radius. This will temporarily disable corral walls, and cause the garden to regurgitate what ever was planted.

Some of this came while I was half asleep, so far from my best work and I began losing motivation half way through making this so again not my best work.
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Re: Luminous cavern

Postby MisfortuneRising » Mon Jul 16, 2018 7:40 pm

Nice idea! Although it should be called “The Luminous Caverns” with an ‘S’. Welcome back to the forums! :D
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