Complex Slimes - Several Suggestions

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Complex Slimes - Several Suggestions

Postby Antimoany » Sat May 26, 2018 5:50 pm

These aren't completely fleshed-out ideas, but they are concepts I wrote down almost a full year ago. I always intended to draw these slimes, and might still do so one day, but I also figured it might be a good idea to actually commit the concepts to the official suggestion forum.

Complex slimes – these would be very late-game, post-glass-desert, post-sabre slimes. Possibly only available in a special “complex” game mode (similar to how tarr aren't possible in casual mode).

Tarr Gordo [Tarr music intensifies]
Trapped somewhere in a cave accessible only by teleporter, there languishes the largest tarr ever seen. It is technically just as aggressive as any other tarr – maybe even more so – but, like any other gordo, it is immobile. Don't stand too close, because it will bite.

The tarr gordo can be fed nearly anything, but the only food that will cause it to grow are other slimes. Specifically, at least one of each type, and fifty slimes of any kind total. (So that's one of every kind of slime, but once that quota's filled you can just top it off with whatever's lying around). You don't have to throw them directly into its mouth, it can still grab.

When full, the tarr gordo will burst into ten standard tarr...and ten mimic slimes. They're all stunned for five seconds or so after the explosion – so act quickly.

Mimic Slime Needs a better name

This slime is a plain, unassuming shape like the pink slime, but its hue shifts in a wavering rainbow of colour – similar to the tarr slime's sheen. In fact, very similar.

It does not eat food, and does not have a favourite food. The mimic slime eats plorts – but it cannot become a largo. Instead, the type of plort it consumes directly influences the type of plort it produces.

The diet of the slime which produced the plort determines the outcome. So, the plorts of rock, crystal, rad, and dervish slimes would all cause the mimic to create the same kind of plort – a vegetable plort. Meanwhile, sabre, tabby, hunter, and tangle slimes would also all have the same outcome – meat plort. This means pink plorts would create a unique plort, the superpink plort. Elemental plorts would do something else entirely – read on.

When a mimic slime eats an elemental plort (fire and water, for now) it takes on the substrate-dependent properties of that plort's slime. Which means that if it isn't in water and is fed a water plort, it will not produce plorts. If fed a fire plort but not in ash, it does not produce plorts. (Aside: does that mean they should be sheltered from the sun when fed phosphor plorts?)

This means a mimic slime can create six different plorts:

Vegetable plort
Fruit plort
Meat plort
Superpink plort
Elemental plort
Spicy plort (if fed spicy tofu – after all, it isn't food...)

If fed a gold plort, the mimic slime will adopt a permanent gold tint. It may even giggle.

Any slime which eats a mimic plort will become a tarr, regardless of whether or not it was already a largo.

When a mimic slime eats a plort, it takes on a more solid colour (with a subtle tarr-esque rainbow sheen still visible) indicating what type of plort it's eaten. After a minute, this fades back to the usual rainbow shift. If a mimic slime eats two different plort varieties (however they're categorised) before returning to rainbow, it will become a tarr.

Tarr will eat mimic slimes as normal.

Zap Slime Found somewhere accessible through the glass desert?
I'll be shocked if a similar idea hasn't already been suggested, but here I go with my version anyway:

The zap slime comes in two varieties (well, technically three, but we'll get to that in a minute): Positive and negative.

I'll pause while you recover from how utterly unoriginal that idea is.

Zap slimes are regularly seen moving about in pairs because, well, they don't have much choice. Opposite slimes are attracted – physically attracted to one another, while like slimes repel one another with some considerable force. Go ahead, fire a positive zap at a negative zap, watch it practically bounce off an invisible force and fly off in the opposite direction. Even their plorts maintain this property.

In large groups, zap slimes tend to line up neatly in an alternating pattern of positive/negative/positive/negative. They will do this vertically and/or horizontally. It's not unusual to see a bizarre H-shape of slimes wobbling about the desert.

The area where zap slimes live is highly electrically charged, and it would be inadvisable to go there without a specially designed 7Zee insulated suit. Even so, electrical storms remain a risk to the rancher. It is so inhospitable that almost nothing else lives there. Even phosphor slimes and tarr are few and far between.

Zap slimes of opposing charges can and will mix. A positive/negative zap largo, however, is a little different from, zay, a positive/tabby largo. This specific mix of both zap types produces the alternating zap slime largo. Quite the mouthful. This largo, as the name suggests, alternates between the state of positive or negative. Largos kept together will typically alternate in synch with one another. The alternating largo is possibly the only largo considered to be a unique slime type as opposed to merely being a combination of two slimes. This is because the plorts it produces are neither negative nor positive. They are alternating plorts.

Alternating largos are neither attracted to, nor repelled by, one another or one another's plorts. They alternate at such a rapid pace that they don't have time to experience that attraction or repulsion.

However, their own electrical charges are far more powerful and far more dangerous than those of their smaller negative or positive counterparts. Good job 7Zee have an upgrade for your insulated suit to protect against that...oh. But you'll need samples of positive and negative plorts to make it.

Seelie and Unseelie Slime Yet more unoriginal ideas

These are completely different slimes, only listed together because they are so similar.

While you ponder that contradiction, check your watch. These slimes appear only at dawn and dusk each day – specifically, between the hours of five and seven AM or PM. That's it. Once the sun is either high in the sky or gone completely, they vanish. They will appear anywhere, much as phosphors appear anywhere at night.

...But they can't be kept. Regardless of where they are in the world, these slimes will always vanish once their time is up. Well, with one exception, but we'll get to that later.

Fortunately, if you need their plorts (and let's be honest, you do), they can be fed and are quite gluttonous. Seelie slimes will gladly eat any kind of fruit – but only their usual fill. Bring them candied fruits, however, and they will feast until their time is up – but you won't see them at all for a few days afterwards. Attempt to vac one up, and face the wrath every seelie present. Take their plorts, and nothing more. Fortunately, the plorts do not vanish as the slimes do – so maybe wait until they're gone before cleaning up.

Unseelie slimes aren't so amenable. They're found only in the ancient ruins, glass desert, and beyond – areas, incidentally, where you will not find the seelie. They distrust ranchers, and must be pacified with a bowl of milk (...while this would be awkward to somehow implement, it is ideal. Otherwise, I suppose candied fruits work just as well).
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Re: Complex Slimes - Several Suggestions

Postby EmeraldPlay » Sun May 27, 2018 2:23 am

Nice ideas.
I actually want to mod in a tarr gordo myself sometime, but it would be different from your concept. You would be able to snare it, it would shoot tentacles at you, dealing damage, and it would only spawn tarr.
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Re: Complex Slimes - Several Suggestions

Postby GoldenLucky99 » Sun May 27, 2018 4:35 pm

Awesome! Nice work!

This is full of fantastic work! So, how long did it take you to make this? I'd probably take about a century to think of this!

Welcome to our crazy family.
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Re: Complex Slimes - Several Suggestions

Postby rabbitslime » Thu May 31, 2018 6:13 am

Maybe for the seelie slimes and its opposite counterpart, instead of candied fruit, how about purified honey plort. Either that or to make candied fruit, one just has to mix it with a honey plort, just shoot the plort at the fruit and pick up the new creation as if it was a collectable largo.
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Re: Complex Slimes - Several Suggestions

Postby Antimoany » Thu Oct 18, 2018 1:52 pm

Shortly after making this I forgot my password....whoops.

Anyway, I'm back now.

@Rabbitslime Honey plort + cuberry sounds like a perfect approach for candied fruit.

@GoldenLucky99 I actually wrote most of it in one night, having effectively woken up with the ideas in my head. I spent a few days neatening up the notes, and revisiting some of the weirder ideas (mostly the mimic slime) as I played the game and realised my original plan didn't fit as well.

Never did draw them, but maybe I'll have time soon.
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Re: Complex Slimes - Several Suggestions

Postby Noggy05 » Tue Nov 06, 2018 10:14 pm

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