The Tundra of Terror

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The Tundra of Terror

Postby JasontheBasin » Sat Apr 07, 2018 5:04 pm

After finishing the glass desert (you know, making it to the end of the glass desert,) head to the ring island to find another slime gate in a dark cave, but enclosed in ice. Shoot fire slimes at the ice to cause it to melt, and then use a key to unlock it. Inside is a teleporter similar to the one in the ancient ruins, but requires tangle, dervish, mosaic, fire, and puddle plorts to activate. Upon stepping through you end up in another cave. Walking through it eventually leads to a small opening that leads outside of the cave, except its blocked off with a barrier similar to the ones that block off ranch expansions except you can pass through it (although it is 100% unreccomended to unless you want to be blinded by snow and take constant damage.) next to the barrier is a note from Hobson about how he discovered the cave, teleporter, and the current cave you're in when he was exploring ring island after . The note also states that he had to set up a barrier since it was so cold outside and it was impossible to stay warm when cold air kept seeping into the cave. However, reading the note automatically makes a new upgrade titled "Snow Suit" Available. The snow suit upgrade lets you exit the cave and enter... The tundra of terror

i'll continue to make this once internet stabilizes
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Re: The Tundra of Terror

Postby GoldenLucky99 » Sat Apr 07, 2018 5:21 pm

JasontheBasin wrote:i'll continue to make this once internet stabilizes

JasontheBasin wrote:make this once internet stabilizes

JasontheBasin wrote:internet stabilizes

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