Possible slimes and their area!

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Possible slimes and their area!

Postby BananaOverlord » Tue Apr 03, 2018 2:52 pm

First Topic so bear with me
New area-Snowy Mountains
This area is connected to the quarry, through the cave with all the crystal slimes, it takes one slime key to open but like the glass desert there is no way to go over walls or cliff in order to cheat, it's a snowy biome with mountains with maybe 1 or 2 caves and a few icy ponds. There could be something like the glass desert has where you have the fire coming down and fire slimes come from the sky but instead, it's a snowstorm where ice slimes come down, maybe add some weather effects where there's a little bit of snow there.

Possible Slimes:
Snow Slime-Cute white little slimes that create snow on the ground, has an effect such of that of a rad slime
Favorite Food-Icecicles('Fruit' that hangs down from the tree, the tree is white unlike the others)
Glacier Slime-strange blue/clear pyramid shaped slimes with spikes at the top, the head is covered in what looks like snow and can damage you like the rock slimes
Favorite Food-Snow Hens(Hens with a white base and sky blue underbelly)
Ice slime-Clear slimes that create dangerous snowflakes in the air
Favorite Food-Ice Berries(A strange vegetable that is white, looks like grapes almost)
Possible Fluff slime?(It's out there but it'd be cute)-A greyish slime with what seems to be fur on it
Favorite Food-Snow Hens(would replace the Glacier Slime)
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Re: Possible slimes and their area!

Postby EmeraldPlay » Wed Apr 04, 2018 10:45 am

Nice idea, but the biome would eventually have to turn in the direction of the ranch or in the direction of the ash isle. If it were to go straight, you would eventually reach the real location of the Vaults and Ogden's Retreat, which is something the player shouldn't have access to.
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