Idea: Reverse ranch exchange

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Idea: Reverse ranch exchange

Postby QuantumTangle23 » Tue Apr 03, 2018 2:05 pm

We simply trade with other people.

Why can't we ask for something?

The reverse ranch exchange fixes this.

You can ask for items, slimes, resources, anything!

As long as you part with something of your own...

To do this, you must start off by asking for thing or things you need.

You can only ask for things you have in your slimepedia.

That item will have value, and you must have equal or greater value by inputting other items to trade.

Once you have traded, you cannot trade until the next day.

Here is a list of values.
Pink plort: 1
Rock plort: 2
Tabby plort: 2
Phosphor plort: 4
Honey plort: 7
Puddle plort: 5
Boom plort: 7
Hunter plort: 10
Rad plort: 7
Crystal plort: 10
Quantum plort: 15
Dervish plort: 20
Tangle plort: 25
Mosaic plort: 20
Fire plort: 10
Saber plort: 10
Pink slime: 3
Rock slime: 5
Tabby slime: 5
Phosphor slime: 5
Honey slime: 10
Puddle slime: 10
Boom slime: 10
Hunter slime: 20
Rad slime: 10
Crystal slime: 20
Quantum slime: 35
Tangle slime: 50
Dervish slime: 50
Mosaic slime: 50
Fire slime: 25
Carrot: 1
Pogofruit: 1
Hen Hen: 1
Cuberry: 2
Stony hen: 2
Heart beet: 2
Mint mango: 5
Oca Oca: 5
Briar hen: 5
Roostro: 7
Odd onion: 7
Phase lemon: 7
Painted hen: 10
Prickle pear: 10
Silver parsnip: 10
Primordy oil: 20
Bee wax: 20
Jellystone: 20
Deep brine: 50
Indigonium: 50
Wild honey: 50
Pepper jam: 70
Glass shard: 70
Silky sand: 70
Hexacomb: 80
Slime fossil: 80
Spiral steam: 80
Strange diamond: 250
Lava dust: 250
Royal Jelly: 250
Quantum tangles are the hardest slimes to ranch.

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Re: Idea: Reverse ranch exchange

Postby Noggy05 » Tue Apr 03, 2018 11:07 pm

Yis pls
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Re: Idea: Reverse ranch exchange

Postby GoldenLucky99 » Sat Apr 07, 2018 6:51 am

Really good idea!
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Re: Idea: Reverse ranch exchange

Postby SlimeCrafter » Mon Apr 09, 2018 7:30 pm

I like this
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