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The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 11:18 am
by Fishkeeper
In the update containing The Hidden Sea,, an alert is sent out that a massive storm has blown through the area. When visiting your ranch, you'll find bits of seaweed-esque collectible foods tossed everywhere, plus a few new Slime Science items such as Driftwood and Salt Chunks. You'll also see a large, fallen tree trunk leaning against the cliff behind your Ranch house. If you go behind the house and look over the edge of the cliff, a small island has appeared, made of sand and fragments of driftwood. Hop down onto the island, and you meet a Salt Gordo- a large white Gordo with a crown of shards, a bit like a shiny white version of a Rock Gordo. It needs only 30 food items to burst, and its diet is listed as "All aquatic items". You should have more than 30 suitable food items by then from scavenging on your Ranch, especially if you have the Docks unlocked, as the Docks will have a large number of food items tossed up. If not, there's a patch of wild seaweed veggies behind the Salt Gordo. Bursting it releases 10 pure Salt Slimes, two Slime Science crates, and reveals a portal, which takes you to the Hidden Sea.

The Hidden Sea is an area inside a hollow, long-extinct volcano, set in the middle of the Slime Sea. It's really more like a very large lake, and it's saltwater with just a tinge of slime material. The whole area is surrounded by very high cliff walls, which can be scaled in a few areas thanks to ledges, and looking over them or through a few holes will show only a view of the Slime Sea.

The area you enter first is a gently sloping beach, with a few wild Salt slimes hopping about. On a platform of rock is a bubbling spring and a pool containing a few wild puddle slimes, as this is freshwater. Scattered near the beach, in what looks like a foot or so of water, are patches of wild local veggies. To your left on entering is the wall of the volcano, behind you is the portal and the wall, and to your right is water, getting increasingly deeper. The other walls of the volcano are far enough away to not really be seen yet. Dorsal fins are visible in shallow water, these are Lurker slimes.
As you walk along the beach, you see patches of textured black lava rock jutting up, and eventually come to a wall of lava rock. An old Slime Gate is set into the wall off the ground, the edges crusted over in salt. If you spray the gate with fresh water, the salt melts away, revealing 5 Plort slots like you see in the statues around the edges of the gate. There are also two Lurker slime statues at either edge, with their mouths open, and slots visible in their mouths. Lurker slimes are shortly offshore, easily visible, and are near a food plot, so collecting two plorts from them should be moderately easy.

When you open the Gate, it unlocks several new items and Vacpack upgrades, as well as your own little beach. The area contains a small house, next to which is a toy purchase area. Another Puddle Slime pool is in the back of the area, containing a Puddle slime already, and is a good source of fresh water. Several Salt slimes are present, but can be removed, and they won't return. A couple of local trees are hanging off the high back wall, the edge of the volcano. The land area has 3 Plots, and there are two Plots in fairly shallow water, plus a pay-wall along the water area. You can purchase the deep water area for 5000 Newbucks, and the deep water area unlocks 3 more Plots, several wild veggie plots, and a patch of wild Fish Fish.


Salt Slimes (all aquatic food)
Lurker Slimes (meat, fish, slimes if hungry enough)
Puffo Slimes (fish)
Hand Slimes (fish)
Shell Slime (sea veggies)
Sucker Slimes (sea veggies)
Pincer Slimes (sea veggies)
Armor Slimes (sea fruit)
Spiky Slimes (sea fruit)
Gold Coin Slimes (none/gold coral)

Sea Hen Hen (new Hen Hen)
Fish Fish (generic silvery fish)
Skinny Fish (large sardine-type fish)
Fat Fish (plump fish like a fat tuna)
Sea Lettuce (sea veggie)
Sea Lurpa (sea veggie)
Sea Snips (sea veggie)
Cocoa Nutta (sea fruit)
Sinker Bean (sea fruit)

Slime Housing:

Aquarium (self-explanatory)
*Water Auto-Feeder
*Water Plort Collector
*Depth Upgrade

Air-Quarium (it's a corral for underwater, fairly expensive but comes with a lid, will be empty of water)
*Water Base
(can have all standard corral items added)

Sea Hen Hen plush
Big Leaf
Treasure Chest

Coop Lid (fits on a Coop)
Land Fish farm
Underwater Fish farm
Land Seaweed Farm

Vacpack upgrades:
Tiny Water Scooter
Depth Adjusters
Weight Boots
Pressure Suit

More info in more posts, this one's getting long. Gotta stop and save it.

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 1:00 pm
by Fishkeeper
This post is mostly about the MECHANICS of this new area.

There's a new kind of Tarr, Salt Tarr, edged in white. They can tolerate being underwater, but will eventually be broken up by strong currents. They can be dealt with by spraying freshwater on them, or, if no freshwater is available, repeatedly Q-blasting them. Freshwater is available from occasional springs on the bottom of the sea, and, as your vac is only able to suck up fresh water, it won't suck up saltwater when trying to get freshwater.

Not counting the Salt Gordo you burst to get in, there are 5 Gordo slimes in the Hidden Sea. Two of them have one-way teleporters back to your little private beach, three of them have Slime Keys.
A Lurker Gordo is visible just offshore, its fin rising above the water.
A Puffo Gordo perches on a ledge high above your beach, requiring jetpack parkour to get up to it.
Somewhere off to one side, in a shallow area full of seaweed, is a Shell Gordo containing a Teleporter.
In a patch of wild Fish Fish clumps is an Armor Gordo.
And deep underwater, inside an ancient shipwreck, is the prize of them all: A Gold Coin Slime, containing a Teleporter. Also, if you hunt carefully, you can find a Purple Treasure Pod containing the 3 Gold Coral needed to pop it. It's a shipwreck, after all, it has to have treasure.


The Vacpack needs upgrades to function underwater. Note: none of these are for breathing! You'll notice, if you jump into deep water on land, you don't have a breathing issue. That pond in the Moss Blanket, on the Hunter island, is a good example. You can stay under as long as you want. I'm keeping that for here. This is because I HATE any sort of aquatic-based game activity where you have an air limit, it makes me feel like I'm suffocating, and I know I'm not the only one. We're just going to say that the Vacpack and associated supplies come with a mouthpiece that gives you oxygen and a converter that sucks oxygen out of the surrounding water rather than needing an air supply.

Entering your new farm unlocks the Tiny Water Scooter. It's a device purchaseable at a new Vacpack Upgrade kiosk near the back of the farm, which allows you to move a bit more quickly underwater if you press Shift. It can be upgraded to move faster and use less energy, like a combination Vacpack and sprint shoes. It also allows you to go down in the water- without it, you float uncontrollably, since this is saltwater. Pressing the V key moves you down, like pressing the spacebar moves you up on land. If you stop pressing the V key or run out of energy to go down, you float back up. Once the Vacpack runs out of energy, you can still move, just more slowly, and you may drift slightly to one side or the other if you run into a current.

Catching your first 5 Hidden Sea slimes unlocks the Depth Adjuster. This is a device that, when enabled with the B key, keeps you at whatever depth you're at in the water rather than letting you float. If you disable it, you float back up. If it's enabled, you move forward or backward thanks to your Scooter or old-fashioned kicking, but not up or down unless you press the Spacebar or the V key.

Weight Boots are unlocked a couple days after you first enter the Hidden Sea. When you hit the bottom in Weight Boots, you stay there, and you can walk along the bottom. You can also Sprint. You stay on the bottom even if you run down a hill. To disengage them, simply double-jump or hold the Spacebar.

The Pressure Suit is needed to access the deepest parts of the ocean. You can't endure the pressure for very long otherwise. If you go into too deep an area without it, you start taking damage, on a scale shown like the radiation danger of Rad Slimes. Better disengage your Depth Adjuster and float back up if that happens. There's a fairly clear line where the ocean gets deeper blue, you can see where not to go. It's unlocked by popping any three Hidden Sea Gordos, not counting the Salt one.


It's possible to farm chickens underwater, but only Sea Hen Hens and Sea Roosteros. Other chickens will float right up out of the farm, even with a Coop Lid, and end up at the surface. Coops are identical underwater to above water, and this update comes with a Coop Lid, which functions similarly to the Air Net on corrals and helps keep slimes out. They can bounce until it shorts out, but a jump or two will be deflected. Similarly, regular Hen Hens won't stay in because they float against the lid until it shorts out. You can buy the High Walls (if you want), the grass, and the light for the underground coop, and they do the same thing.

Sea Hens are light blue, speckled with darker blue. Their combs and wings resemble odd fins. Sea Roosteros have a fin down their entire back instead of a comb, and are dark blue with purple patterns in the same design as a regular Roostero. Sea Chickadoos are entirely light blue with tiny budding fins.]
All function identically to regular chickens, except they sink in water instead of floating. They can be kept on land. A Sea Hen kept with a regular Roostero will produce Sea Chickadoos, and hens kept with a Sea Roostero will produce mostly their type of Chickadoo with a small chance of a Sea Chickadoo instead. They turn into Elder Hens and Elder Roosteros, upon which they start floating, and will float up to the surface.

"Chicken of the sea!"
"Incredibly fluffy, still sinks like a rock."
"It's a lot harder to crow underwater."

Sea Hens are a strange breed of chicken, perfectly adapted for life underwater. They run about at the bottom of the Hidden Sea, making muffled clucking noises and pecking at tiny shrimpbugs. They don't appear to notice or care if you take them out of the water, though. Sea Hens pass on their aquatic genetics to all their offspring.

FISH FISH are a new thing, representing the "fish" type of food. They function similarly to chickens, but are, clearly, fish. You can find them wild sometimes. Instead of nests, there are clumps of tightly wound seaweed, similar to kelp, which wild fish occasionally pop out of.

Regular Fish Fish are generic silvery fish. Fishteros are Roosteros, which have large black fins, and Fishadoos are teeny baby fish that are just little slips of minnows. Elder Fish look the same for males and females, and are a duller grey color than the others. They function identically to Hen Hens in breeding, but circle around their seaweed column and swim in midwater rather than walking.

If thrown on land, Fish Fish flop violently until they flop back into the water. If flopping doesn't seem to work fast enough, they flip-flap hard and launch straight up, right out of sight. Presumably they land in the sea eventually.

Skinny Fish are more slender, like sardines, with vertical black stripes. Fat Fish are much plumper, shaped almost like tuna, with pointed fins and black speckles. Fishteros are identical for all species.

An Underwater Fish Farm takes the shape of a column of kelp in the middle of your plot. Fish tend to stay near the column, and an upgrade of Farm Walls is available to go around it and make sure they all stay in, plus keeping everything else out. There's also a Farm Roof.
You can buy Thicker Weed to lure in underwater scuttle bugs, and a Light Beam that mounts at the bottom. They mimic Spring Grass and Vita-Rays.

A Land Fish Farm is about as tall as an upgraded Coop, with the water contained in clear walls. There's a suitably tall column of kelp in the center, and the same grass and light upgrades are available, plus a Roof. That's for if you want to raise fish on a land plot.

"Chicken of the s- no, wait, that one's taken."
"Not as fluffy as a Chickadoo."
"Crows in bubbles!"

Fish Fish are similar to Hen Hens, in that they were bred to do well in the Far Far Range. Introduction efforts only worked in the Hidden Sea, but they thrive here. They fend for themselves perfectly well,
and make excellent food for aquatic slimes that might otherwise overwhelm the rancher. They're just a bit harder to hold onto than Hen Hens.

"Is this a fish or a needle?"

Skinny Fish are much better at slipping through gaps than Fish Fish. They're also stripey. Even harder to hold onto than their less skinny counterparts. They like to wiggle between clumps of seaweed and brag about how small a gap they fit through.

"A fish that- oof."

Fat Fish are proud of being the heaviest Fish around. Moderately easier to hold onto than Fish Fish, but they're heavy, so that doesn't help. You could use them as exercise weights if they weren't so slippery and prone to flopping.

On The Ranch:
Fish Fish in close proximity to Fishteros will periodically lay eggs that hatch into Fishadoos. However,
keeping too many (blah blah blah only 12 adults)

Gardens work the same underwater as they do above water, except that the Sprinkler upgrade isn't available. Instead, it's a Water Motion upgrade, which keeps the water circulating nice and fresh around the plants to hep them grow faster. All other upgrades, including the soil boosts and Ogden's upgrade, are available.

The Land Seaweed Farm is a Garden that you can plant on land. It looks like a regular Garden, but has a clear wall about as high as a short Coop wall, which keeps water inside. Again, the Sprinkler upgrade is replaced by a Water Motion upgrade.

Sea fruits and sea veggies work the same as fruits and veggies on land.


First off, the AirQuarium. It's a corral that you can place underwater, that has no air in it. Slimes float, so most slimes placed underwater that don't live there will bob back up, unless you put them in one of these. It's 600 Newbucks, but comes with a lid attached. Comes with all upgrades possible to place on a Corral, plus two new ones.
Water Base puts about two feet of water in the bottom of the AirQuarium. Aquatic slimes need to be kept in water.
The Cliff is mounted against two of the posts, across from the Plort Collector. It's an outcropping of what looks like generic brown stone, a platform, which semi-aquatic slimes can climb onto. Semi-aquatic slimes become agitated if they can't get out of the water now and then, and also become agitated if they can't go into the water, so this is a good setup for them. It's just above the surface of the water, not high enough for Largos to become wedged underneath. If and only if you've upgraded the wall and water height, you can purchase the High Cliff. If you do, it lowers the water to about 2/3 the height of the upgraded AirQuarium, and it moves the cliff up to the surface. Largos can go underneath but can't be trapped.

Second, the Aquarium. This goes on land, and looks like a Corral, except that it's full of saltwater almost to the top. It comes with 7 potential upgrades.
Filter (replaces Music Box, reduces agitation)
Water Auto-Feeder
Water Plort Collector
Wall Height Upgrade (forgot to mention- makes the walls higher but keeps the water low)
Depth Upgrade (only purchaseable after Wall Height Upgrade, makes the water as deep as the Aquarium is tall)
Cliff (same as above)
Lid (duh)

Functions identically to a Corral aside from the water thing. You keep aquatic and semi-aquatic slimes in it. Terrestrial slimes can be kept in one, but become agitated quickly if kept in saltwater, so it's not a good containment option.

To keep aquatic slimes underwater, simply purchase a standard Corral. It works as normal underwater, is full of water, and will keep them happy.


Your beach contains a toy purchase area, a Vacpack upgrade area, and a large number of Gadget spots. On land are 3 Plots. In shallow water are two more Plots, which can be used to keep either aquatic or semi-aquatic slimes, as if they're in a shallow Aquarium or an AirQuarium with water base. Just throw in a cliff for semi-aquatics. In deep water, once you've paid for the unlock, you get (correction) 5 more plots, one two-thirds submerged, the rest all the way submerged. A few seaweed plots are scattered around, plus an area with wild Fish Fish. More Gadget areas are underwater.

SLIMES are in the next post!

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:01 pm
by Purplecharmanderz
really in depth... will need to look back through this later but nice job on going this far in depth

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:06 pm
by Fishkeeper
This update introduces a new detail in all Slimepedia entries: habitat. Slimes can be Terrestrial, Semi-Aquatic, Aquatic, or Other.
Most slimes we have already would be Terrestrial. Land slimes, which become agitated if placed in saltwater for too long.
Semi-Aquatic covers slimes like the Puffo slimes. They need both land and water, and become agitated if they're kept without one for too long.
Aquatic slimes need to be kept in water. They eventually melt into the ground if left out of the water for too long.
"Other" covers things like the Puddle ("other- floating") and Fire ("other- incinerator") slimes, which don't live in usual corrals. It's also on Gold and Lucky slimes, which are listed as "other- unhouseable terrestrial".

Here's where it gets interesting: Largos, and combinations of habitat requirements. Two slimes from the same habitat make a Largo that lives in the same habitat, but combinations can be a bit different.
Terrestrial + Semi = both, will use water if offered but only needs land.
Terrestrial + Aquatic = Semi, needs both.
Semi + Aquatic = both, will use land if offered but only needs water.

New Slimes:
Salt Slimes (all aquatic food)
Lurker Slimes (meat, fish, slimes if hungry enough)
Puffo Slimes (fish)
Hand Slimes (fish)
Shell Slime (sea veggies)
Sucker Slimes (sea veggies)
Pincer Slimes (sea veggies)
Armor Slimes (sea fruit)
Spiky Slimes (sea fruit)
Gold Coin Slimes (none/gold coral)


[A white, spiky slime that somewhat resembles rock slimes. Its crown spikes are almost square, like salt crystals on edge. It glitters lightly in the sun. If placed in water, it melts into what resembles a puddle slime, then dissolves entirely. Largos kept in water for too long start to look 'soggy', their spines softening and drooping.]

Salt slimes are found along any beaches you may visit in the area, hopping around near the water in search of the food that occasionally washes up. They tumble like rock slimes, though, fortunately, they do this less often when well-fed. Like Puddle slimes in ponds, any beach is guaranteed to have at least one Salt slime. Overall a pretty basic slime.

Favorite toy: Saltshaker. Self-explanatory. "Full of its namesake! Maybe they think it's their cousin?"

"Tasty, but a bit too spiky to lick."

All aquatic food items

Favorite food:


Salt slimes are scavengers, distant cousins of Rock slimes. They bounce along the beach areas of the Hidden Sea, eating anything that washes up, and will approach Ranchers to check for food items. Oddly, they seem to be made almost entirely of a substance similar to salt! If placed in water, they melt into a puddle of goop, then dissolve entirely. This isn't permanent, however, they re-form eventually when washed up onto the shore again.

Rancher Risks:
Salt slimes are fairly sharp, and, like their cousins, can sometimes be seen tumbling around. Best to stay out of the way.
The main trouble with ranching them is that they melt in water. If removed from the water before they melt entirely, they reform, but being kept in water for too long causes them to dissolve. Largos can stay in water for much longer, but still need to get out now and then to harden in the sun. Semiaquatic largos can be difficult to ranch, as a crowded corral can lead to them accidentally crowding each other off the ledge and into the water.
Fortunately, if dissolved in relatively calm water, a salt slime will eventually reform and pop out. Unfortunately, they may take up to two days to reform, and may do so unexpectedly.

Salt plorts can be ground into a truly delicious salt that draws out the flavor of food even more than regular salt. It's in constant demand among gourmet chefs. Intact plorts may also be used as salt lamps, but they unfortunately tend to be so tasty that people lick them down to nothing eventually.

Salt plorts are in the Honey plort price range.


[They somewhat resemble very fat sharks, grey on top, with white bellies. They have dorsal fins and small, stubby shark tails, plus two fins coming out of their low sides, and their mouths are a big grin with pointed fangs. They're designed to be cute sharks, not creepy.]

Lurker often swim near the surface of the water, with just their dorsal fin out, or lurk around areas of cover. If food is dropped nearby, they rush towards it and snap it up. If several are in an area, they will begin to circle Beatrix, but will flee if blasted at. Largos will also circle, but, if hungry, will come straight at Beatrix. They're fairly common near the surface and around areas such as the Shipwreck.

Favorite toy: Sea Hen plush. Self-explanatory. "Great for biting!"

My, what big teeth you have.

Fish, meat, other slimes if starved.

Favorite food:
Sea hens


Lurker slimes are the apex predators of the Hidden Sea ecosystem. They lurk just under the surface or around large objects, looking for tasty Sea Hens and fish. If hungry enough, they snap at other slimes for food. They also approach and circle Ranchers, but are largely harmless despite this slightly creepy behavior. If a Largo gets too close for comfort, simply blast it in the snout with your vacpack's blaster to send it fleeing.

Rancher Risks:
Lurker slimes are eager hunters, and will jump out of enclosures to get at nearby food. Lids are wise, as is keeping your Lurkers well-fed.
Hungry Lurker slimes will bite at other slimes. Hungry Lurker Largos will lunge at Ranchers, which is alarming and potentially damaging. Lurker Largos with a hungry look in their eyes should be either fed or quickly blasted in the snout to chase them away, and should not be allowed near other slimes.

Lurker plorts retain the ability to locate food. Interestingly, a properly mounted Lurker plort will point towards the largest nearby congregation of fish, making them invaluable tools for marine biologists as well as anyone hoping to observe wild fish. They seem to have a finite number of finds in them, though, and are therefore in constant demand.
They also occasionally produce a Sharp Tooth, a Slime Science item.

Lurker plorts are in the Hunter plort price range.


[Puffo slimes resemble puffins. They're black with a large white 'mask' around their eyes and face, with triangle-shaped eyes and thin black stripes running backwards from their eyes. A Puffo slime has a short, thick beak instead of a mouth, with a black base and an orange-red tip, and a yellow spot on each cheek. They also have tiny black bird's wings, pointed at the tips, that fold up to their sides. They're made to be absolutely adorable.]

Puffos are found along the cliffs, perched on ledges. When hungry, they jump off the ledges, dive into the water with their stubby wings tucked to their sides, and try to grab a fish. If they grab a fish, they pop up to the surface and eat it while floating like a duck. If they don't, they flap their wings, flutter up to the nearest ledge, and dive again until they get something. They do a small amount of damage if they land directly on Beatrix. They're also very friendly, and will crowd around Beatrix, wings fluttering, but do no damage that way. They make cheerful peeping noises.

Favorite toy: Target. A white foam circle with a red target patterned on it, floats on the surface of the water. Puffos play by diving onto it. "Something for them to aim for while diving!"

"SPLASH, flap flap flap, hop hop, peep."

Diet: Fish

Favorite food:
Skinny fish


Puffo slimes are cliff-dwellers. They hop around the edges of the Hidden Sea, diving off the cliff ledges into the sea to hunt for fish. Cute, but a bit less cute when one lands on you. That can hurt.
They're extremely friendly, unafraid of Ranchers, and will happily crowd around whoever comes near them. It may be necessary to blast them away to get some personal space, but they don't seem to mind.

Rancher Risks:
Fairly minimal. They need a land area to jump from and a water area to swim in, and will peck violently at the walls of any enclosure not containing both, but aren't dangerous on the Ranch. The main danger is Largos left to go hungry, as their beaks add extra damage to any jumps at a Rancher. Fortunately, wild Puffo Largos don't seem to pop up too frequently, and are easily placated by food.

Puffo plorts are used to make waterproof clothing items. They can be made into a textile that's soft, strong, and sheds water thanks to its built-in oils. Not just for swimsuits, either, a very stylish suit jacket can be made from a few Puffo plorts.

Puffo plorts are probably in the Tabby plort range. They're cute, but not profitable.


[Hand slimes are based on frogfish. They're strange, lumpy slimes, a dull, splotchy, sandy color with bits of orange. They have small holes on the sides of their bodies, used as gills to blow out water. Their name comes from them having 'hands', two fins that are shaped roughly like hands. Look up 'frogfish' for yourself, you'll see what I mean. Hand slimes also have small tail fins, and can swim with their tail and hands or walk/hop along the bottom. On the forehead of a Hand slime is a small, thin, wire-like limb with a white tassel at the tip, which is waved around in the water to lure in Fish. When a fish comes close enough, they open a huge mouth and gulp it down, and a brief vacuum effect appears if the fish isn't right up close.]

Hand slimes are found on or near the bottom, generally around seaweed and large rocks. When hungry, they wave their lure around in front of them, which lures in Fish for them to snap up and eat. Chickens are also interested in the lure, if the slime is in water shallow enough for the lure to protrude. If approached, they hunker down and tuck in their lure, waiting for Beatrix to leave before popping up.

Favorite toy: Glove. Large glove they can hide under. "Doesn't just fit the hand, it hides the entire slime."

"Well, I bet those come in hand-y!"


Favorite food:
Fat fish


A quiet, lazy slime that keeps to itself and prefers quieter areas. Largely docile, with no interest in attacking Ranchers, and prone to hiding if sufficiently upset. When hungry, they lift their lure and wave it in the water, where nearby Fish mistake it for food and drift closer- close enough to become food in turn. This also works on chickens, if the Hand slime is in shallow enough water. '
Interestingly, these slimes feed by making themselves into vacuums. If the food item is further away than right up close, they open their entire mouth as wide as it goes, which draws a large amount of water into their bodies and pulls the food with it. They can draw in food from about a body length away with no difficulty.

Rancher Risks:
Hand slimes pose no direct danger to Rancher, but, if hungry, will try their hardest to escape. Also, despite being aquatic, they can crawl across the land to reach food. A Hand slime on land is unendingly hungry and will eat every chicken or fish it encounters, and one that makes its way into a fish farm can decimate the entire stock.
In addition, their lure can attract food items outside their enclosure. This may not seem like much of a problem, but Hand slimes feed by opening their mouths to draw in food, and the vacuum can draw in food items or plorts from just outside the corral if they're hungry enough.

Hand slime plorts are used to clean up liquid spills, as they regain their producer's ability to suck up large amounts of liquids. They even work on hazardous substances, and contain the fluids entirely, making them invaluable for hazardous waste spills.

Hand plorts are in the Quantum plort price range.


[Shell slimes have what looks like a clam shell. They sit in the lower half of it like a cartoon clam/pearl thing, and the upper half of the shell is pressed to their back and leaning over their head. The shells are a soft light grey, and the slime itself is light pink, with large white eyes that resemble pearls. The insides of the shells are also pearly white. The shells are deeply concave, and look large enough to close around the slime inside- which they are. When frightened, the slime hides inside its shell, an action which causes the shells to flatten out and become wider. The slime can't be vacuumed up when in its shell.]

Shell slimes are generally found on sandy areas of the bottom, and may sometimes be half-buried. If they're partially buried, the shells are generally closed part of the way, showing only the eyes and mouth. The slime only opens its shell all the way if it feels safe, or if it's trying to grab food. Rarely, they respond to a threat by snapping their shells shut to push out a jet of water, causing them to zoom backwards, which can damage Beatrix if it hits her. In the water, they move backwards with slow, even pulses of their shells, or can hop forward to get at food. On land, they hop awkwardly, making a clank noise with every hop due to the shells.

Favorite toy: Big Leaf. Self-explanatory. "For pretending to nibble on."

"this is one shwell slime!"

Sea veggies

Favorite food:
Sea Lettuce


Shell slimes grow hard shells to protect them from predators, and from anything sharp hitting their squishy little bodies. When threatened, they close the shell and hide, making them impervious to all attack. Even the fearsome teeth of a Lurker slime can't plunge through its shell. It's also immune to being vacuumed up when its shell is closed, as its shape changes and makes it too large to suck up. Shell slimes must be treated gently to be captured.

Rancher Risks:
Shell slimes occasionally lunge backwards when frightened, which can do damage if it hits a Rancher. Also, the Largos are very heavy due to their thick shells, causing a Rancher carrying a Shell slime largo to move much more slowly. Being unable to be sucked up into a vac makes Shell slimes difficult to handle even un-Largoed, as well.

Shell plorts have a beautiful white shine, rivaling that of any pearl produced on Earth, and are often cut or carved into fine jewelry. They can even be carved into bricks for building.
Shell slimes also occasionally produce Pearls, which are useful in Slime Science.

Shell plorts are in the Tangle plort price range.


[These are based off of the Pacific spiny lumpsucker fish. Look 'em up, they're really strange and just about identical to the slime. A Sucker slime is dark grey, covered in a hexagonal pattern with tiny points in the middle of some of the upper hexagons, and they have large eyes and a small mouth. They have a dorsal fin, a tail fin, and two strong pectoral (side) fins that they can use to walk around on the bottom. Underneath them is a large suction cup, which they use to stick to anything solid.]

They can be found anywhere there's rocks, usually stuck to the rocks, and can't be pulled off the rock if they fasten on. You have to wait for them to swim loose. Food is a good way to get them to swim out where you can get them. They occasionally stick to you, and will cling until they get bored, you throw food nearby, or you launch out of the water. Lurker slimes can be helpful in this case- you can go near Lurker slimes to scare the Sucker slimes off of yourself. Largos make you especially slow, but can, fortunately, be Q-blasted away. Both are very slow while swimming, also, pretty easy to avoid.

Favorite toy: Balloon. Self-explanatory. "Perfect for sticking on!" (Aquariums in Japan like to give their lumpsucker fish balloons to sit on, it's adorable and everybody loves it.)

"Such a cute little sucker."

Sea veggies

Favorite food:
Sea Lurpa


Sucker slimes are universally agreed to be adorable little creatures. The large suction cups on their bellies allow them to stick to any solid surface underwater, including Ranchers, and they cling on tightly until they get bored or see food. Unfortunately, they seem to rather like Ranchers, even the largos. It's cute until you're moving incredibly slowly because you're covered in Sucker slimes. They aren't sharp, at least. May as well sit and pat them until they let go.

Rancher Risks:
Sucker slimes stick to everything and can't be vacuumed off, they need to be lured off or taken out of water to get them to drop off. Largos with Terrestrial slimes may not even drop off on land until some time has passed, and walking with a Largo stuck to you is... difficult.

Sucker slime plorts are a material similar to rubber, and make excellent suction cups. However, they're mostly used to manufacture rubber toys of, you guessed it, those adorable Sucker slimes.

Sucker plorts are in the Honey plort price range.


[Pincer slimes are bright orange, with darker reddish backs and lighter bellies, and their eyes are on short eye stalks. They have a single large crab claw coming off the top of their head, like a fiddler crab's claw. Their bodies are slightly flatter than usual, and they have a small spine jutting out of each side.]

They're usually found in shallow water and around the beach. They pick food and Slime Science items up in their claw, carrying them around, and sometimes throw whatever they've picked up. Largos will lift larger things like other Slimes, and even Beatrix sometimes. If they encounter another Pincer slime while agitated, they grasp claws and 'fight', struggling to flip each other over.

Favorite toy: treasure chest. Self-explanatory. "Great for guarding!"

"Pinchy pinchy pinchy!"

Sea veggies

Favorite food:
Sea Snips


Pincer slimes patrol the shallow waters and shores of the Hidden Sea for food, lifting any potential food item for inspection. When agitated, Pincer slimes become aggressive towards each other, and will fight by clasping claws and attempting to throw each other. This sometimes results in one of the two losing its claw, upon which it immediately retreats and hides in the nearest crevice. It stays completely still, not eating or responding to other slimes, until the next day, when a new claw pops out and leaves it good as new. These fights don't seem to cause them any real harm, fortunately.

Rancher Risks:
Pincer slimes that have lost their claws won't produce plorts for the whole day, so allowing a corral full of them to become agitated and fight will drastically decrease productivity. To keep them calm, provide them with toys, make sure they have both land and water, keep them fed, and don't crowd them too heavily.
Pincer slimes will also steal food items, and often throw whatever they've picked up into the air. When it comes to regular Pincers, this generally isn't much of a problem. When it comes to Largos, though, it becomes dangerous. Largos will throw other slimes around, and if they happen to pick up a Rancher, will throw the Rancher as well! Not too far, fortunately, but it can be disorienting.

Pincer plorts are made of layers on layers of a hard material similar to an exoskeleton. This tough, lightweight, durable material is perfect as armor for first responders, explorers, and, uh, explorers.

Pincer plorts are in the Quantum price range.


[Armor slimes are based off of cowfish. They have bodies that are almost square in shape, with two slender, straight 'horns' jutting forward from their forehead and two other horns, parallel to those, pointing backwards. They're bright yellow, covered in black speckles, with whitish bellies and small mouths. They have a small tail fin, and a tiny fin on each side of their body. Kinda cute. When they've just eaten, they spin in a quick circle with their fins going like crazy.]

Armor slimes are found in midwater, often in small schools. If agitated, they release a purple cloud into the water around them, which causes other slimes to do the "agh a Tarr" face and flee. Exposure to the cloud also causes a health warning bar similar to the Rad damage bar to pop up, dark purple, that builds faster than a radioactivity bar. It does heavy damage if it reaches 100, and the poison lingers in that area even if the slimes are sucked up. It takes an in-game hour to disperse, and frightens all slimes except Armors. Even Tarrs will avoid it unless food is on the other side.

Favorite toy: [strike]Perch (changed the slime design)[/strike] Cowbell, self-explanatory. "Not sure why Armor slimes like this thing, but they really like this thing."

"Wiggly fins, spinning dance, what's not to love? Aside from the horns. And the, uh, poison."

Sea fruit

Favorite food:
Cocoa Nutta


Armor slimes like to school, you'll rarely see fewer than 5 in one place. They're friendly, calm, slow-moving, and one of the few slimes that Lurkers will never eat. Even Tarrs find them distasteful. They're calm, but tend to avoid Ranchers unless offered food, they seem to prefer quiet. An Armor slime which finds itself alone will speed up and swim rapidly until it finds itself in a group once again.

Rancher Risks:
Armor slimes' bodies are laden with an extremely toxic poison, which they release into the water around them when upset, protecting them from harm. They're also rather sharp, so it's best to avoid bumping into the front or back end of one, even when it's calm. Fortunately, they're very calm most of the time, a Rancher is unlikely to upset one.
When about to release poison, they flush purple, and can be headed off by feeding them quickly or removing whatever frightened them. Other slimes placed in a cloud of poison will flee rapidly, even through Corral walls or Aquarium roofs! Fortunately, the cloud is generally fairly small, and won't spread onto land. The intensity of this poison means that even Tarrs won't approach Armor slimes, though the poison can't destroy a Tarr.
Armor slimes kept alone will swim rapidly until they find a group. If kept in a Corral or Aquarium, they lunge at the edges until they find a way out, then leap out. To prevent this, they must be kept in groups of at least 5 if pure, 3 if Largos.

Armor slime plorts are a deep purple and contain a large amount of their signature poison. When properly processed and diluted, this poison becomes something else entirely- an antidote. A universal antidote, one that binds to almost any toxin it encounters, from snake venom to chemical overdoses. Therefore, these plorts are valuable and in high demand.

Armor plorts are in at least the Dervish slime range, if not a bit higher.


[Spiky slimes are based on pufferfish. They're kind of an olive-green color, with wiggly lines of a faint gold-yellow, and have a fin on each side of their body that they move with. Their mouth is very small, and, when hungry, they pull back their lips to show a bony beak. Again- pufferfish. They have a number of dark green spots all over their body, and, when very hungry, those spots start to protrude a number of needle-sharp spines. On a Largo, spines all over the slime's back are always half-out.
When agitated or afraid, Spiky slimes double in size, going completely round, and over two dozen spines jut out from every spot on their frame. The spines are almost as long as their body normally is wide, look needle-sharp, and gleam a bright goldish color. It's pretty, if scary. Largos are even worse.]

Spiky slimes swim in midwater, almost always alone, and are fairly rare to encounter. When they see the player, they stop swimming and turn to stare, following Beatrix's movements with their big black eyes. It isn't aggressive, though, and it's downright adorable with their little fins flickering on either side of their face. They just want to watch. They only puff out in response to a nearby Lurker slime or a Tarr, or extreme hunger.

Favorite toy: Pincushion, self explanatory. "Perfect for a pokey-poke Spiky slime to poke even more."

"Ouch, ouch, aww, ouch, ouch."

Sea fruit

Favorite food:
Sinker Bean


Spiky slimes are cute little aquatic slimes with a big, spiky secret. When afraid, they turn into bundles of needle-sharp spines, so sharp even a Tarr won't eat them unless it catches them off guard and spines-down. Fortunately for the Rancher who wants to keep them, they're usually harmless, friendly even. They're known to follow a Rancher around, watching with their cute black eyes, and occasionally blow bubbles at a Rancher who stops to stare back at them. So adorable! 'Till they puff.

Rancher Risks:
The risks should be obvious here. An agitated Spiky slime is razor-sharp and dangerous to touch, a Spiky Largo even more so. An inflated Spiky slime can't be vacuumed up, and an inflated Largo is impossible to handle without taking damage.
Additionally, Largos inflate so much in volume that a corral full of agitated Spiky Largos will burst the walls and escape. Better not to keep too many of them, or keep them well-fed and don't let them see a Lurker or a Tarr if you want a large number. Or maybe just stick with pure Spiky slimes. Those are cuter anyway.

The needles taken from Spiky plorts make perfect needles for sewing machines, taking an incredibly long time to wear out, and are popular for that archaic art of hand-sewing. Additionally, the plorts can be stabbed thousands of times and still retain their integrity, making them excellent as pincushions. And then there are those who take the Spiky plort needles to make a "personal space suit", wearing it like a suit of armor to keep people from coming into their personal space bubble. With all the people on Earth and its outlying space stations, that's becoming an increasingly common, increasingly stylish habit. It works! And it takes thousands of needles per suit, making the trend incredibly profitable for Ranchers willing to take on these sharp little things.

Spiky plorts are in the Dervish plort price range to make up for the trouble of ranching them, plus they're cute little guys who like to watch you.


[Gold Coin slimes resemble Gold slimes, but have a black marking on their front, and a circle of lighter gold a short distance away from the edge of their body. From the front, they resemble a coin. From the side, they appear a bit flatter than a typical Gold slime.]

They behave like Gold slimes, but underwater. They tend to avoid Lurker slimes and won't go through clouds of Armor slime poison, which can theoretically be used to herd them. They can't be vacuumed up, but can be moved with the vac stream, though they flee too fast to contain in one for long. If and only if you can manage to get one into a Corral or Aquarium, it stays in there until you hit it with something at least once, or until it becomes agitated from hunger. Golden Sureshot works on them. They're mostly found among the wreckage of the Sunken Ship, and only eat Gold Coral.



Favorite food:
Gold coral


The aquatic cousin of the Gold Slime. Very little is known about them, except that they're normally found around areas where wood and metal, combined, have been underwater for a long period of time. They seem to like crevices in wood. They're extremely shy and will flee Ranchers on sight, meaning a Rancher must act fast in order to profit from an encounter with one.

Rancher Risks:
The Gold Coin Slime itself is harmless, but their appearance tends to induce such excitement that Ranchers forget all common sense and charge after one. Gold Coin Slimes often flee to deep water, being immune to quick changes in depth, which makes pursuing them particularly dangerous. In addition, the only way to profit from an encounter with one is to hit it with any space resources (excluding Slime Science items and water) in the Vacpack, which will cause it to produce at least one plort.

Gold Coin plorts are put to similar uses as Gold Plorts back on earth, as jewelry for the elite, but their swirl of shiny, contrasting black makes them even more valuable. For this reason, a fortunate Rancher should never pass up the opportunity to profit from an encounter- even with the risk involved.

Gold Coin plorts sell for slightly higher than Gold plorts.

Gold Coral is, like Gilded Ginger, found rarely in the Hidden Sea. One spawns per in-game day, located somewhere in the deepwater area around the Shipwreck. A Gold Coin Gordo requires three Gold Corals to burst, and hitting a Gold Coin slime with a Gold Coral produces 5 plorts. A Purple Treasure Pod hidden somewhere in the Shipwreck contains 3 Gold Coral that can be used to burst the nearby Gordo.

Next post: area description, and the descriptions of the fruits and veggies that I forgot to include earlier.

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:11 pm
by EmeraldPlay
Nice idea, but this would take months if not years to add to the game, especially with all those slimes.

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 10, 2018 6:19 pm
by Fishkeeper
Oh, this definitely isn't an all at once thing, it'd be multiple updates. It could probably be divided into sections via lava walls, allowing rollout to be 3 or so updates interspersed with other updates.

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:43 am
by TheGreciansHousehold
Nice! I particularly like the Salt Slime. I can just imagine them sneezing out saltwater like marine iguanas.

I do thing that the sea veggies should be renamed, as "sea (terrestrial vegetable)" isn't a particularly attractive formula.

I would also recommend renaming the Skinny Fish (I quite like the idea of a Zebra Fish) and the Fat Fish, as their names are a little too exfering for my tastes. Ditto with the hen-hen plush - we already have a roostro plush.

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 9:59 am
by Fishkeeper
Thanks for the input! Always nice to get feedback on something I've spent my time on.

Sea lettuce is an actual seaweed, though. It vaguely resembles lettuce. Sea Lurpa is meant to be a play on a type of seaweed called Caulerpa, and Sea Snips would be a grass-like plant. Seemed appropriate for the food of a slime with a pincer on its head.
The two trees/fruits are named after plants which are found near saltwater IRL, in positions where they drop fruit into the water. In the game, they'd mostly be found near saltwater or attached to cliff faces, but would grow just fine underwater for convenience. Coco Nutta are, clearly, coconuts, and Sinker Beans are based off a type of vine that grows what are called "heart beans" and drops them into the ocean. I'll be describing them further in my next post.
Seeing as how it's a game for kids, I thought "sea fruit" and "sea veggies" would be reasonable descriptions. Parallels and all, y'know. Plus, they act exactly like land fruit and land veggies.

For the fish, I could see calling them Zipper Fish and Rocky Fish. The names were more like placeholders. I'm reluctant to use Zebra fish because I'm trying to avoid intentional comparisons to Earth wildlife in names. Plus, "zebrafish" is an actual type of fish, which doesn't look anything like these fictional ones.

I'm not sure what "exfering" means, though. I looked it up, and apparently it's not a word. Did you mean the opposite of "inferring"?

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:26 am
by TheGreciansHousehold
Fishkeeper wrote:I'm not sure what "exfering" means, though. I looked it up, and apparently it's not a word. Did you mean the opposite of "inferring"?

Yes. I hate the damned english language.

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:50 am
by Fishkeeper
Ah, so you mean it's way too obvious/blatant? You have a point there.

(post about the farmed things is incoming, currently in progress)

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:28 am
by Fishkeeper

Sea veggies behave exactly like land veggies, but must be planted in either an underwater Garden or a Sea Garden to grow. A regular Garden on land won't accept them. Same for sea fruit.

Sea veggies are found in various patches scattered around the Hidden Sea, all underwater. In a few areas, they're found growing on the side of a cliff. When shot into midwater, they zoom a long distance away, about as far as they'd go on land, then just float in midwater. They're neutrally buoyant and won't float or sink, they only move if a current pushes them or something bumps into them. When they pop out of a garden patch, they float just above the surface, close enough for any special soil mixes to impact them and keep them from rotting.

On land, sea veggies go 'splat' and don't bounce or slide, and they rot much faster if left on land. Silos keep them safe, as do auto-feeders.

Sea Lettuce is based on a real type of seaweed. in the game, it looks like small bundles of dark green lettuce leaves, splayed loose rather than being gathered into a tight bundle like actual lettuce. If placed on land, it 'deflates' and looks like a green splot.

"Nowhere near as good for salads as its land namesake."

Sea Lettuce is remarkably similar to a seaweed that grows on Earth. Apparently this is a good shape for aquatic flora to be. It tastes like nothing so much as overly salty, soggy lettuce. Humans can eat it, but it doesn't taste very good. Some claim it tastes better made into chips, but no, it still tastes bad. Good things slimes like it.

Sea Lurpa is a play on words of Caulerpa, a type of seaweed. In the game, each individual sea veggie looks like a short, thick, lime green feather, growing straight up out of the ground. They hold their shape on land.

"Tastes about as good as pillow stuffing. Bad pillow stuffing, too."

Sea Lurpa, as its appearance would suggest, tastes like a feather. A gross, salty, bitter feather. Slimes that live in water don't appear to mind the taste, though, in fact some love it. It has a stiff 'quill' up its length, supporting it in the water, which can be drawn out and used as a quill to write with.

Sea Snips just seemed like a good name for a food favored by a pinching slime. Each veggie looks kind of like a short bundle of chives, generic plant-green, waving gently in the current. They sag a bit on land, but retain their approximate shape.

"Smells amazing when heated. Best used, ironically, a pinch at a time."

Sea Snips are the favorite of Pincer slimes, which love to snip them into pieces. They taste like an extremely strongly flavored mixture of chives and garlic, making them naearly inedible whole but excellent for use as spices. Ogden frequently uses them in his recipes, and is known to eat them whole.

Sea fruit are usually found growing on lava rocks or on the walls of the Hidden Sea, sometimes in areas of shallow water. They generally have the tops of the trees above the water. If planted in an area deep enough that they're submerged entirely, they grow just fine and don't appear to notice, unlike real-world plants of similar shapes.
Cocoa Nuttas float upward when shot out underwater, like regular fruit, while Sinker Beans sink.

Cocoa Nuttas resemble coconuts, clearly. The tree has a thick, heavily textured, purplish trunk with a diamond pattern on it, and the top of it is a number of huge red fronds almost like feathers. It's a very tall tree, the tallest grown in any garden. The fruit grows all over the fronds, and is a deep, burgundy reddish-purple, with six spots in a pyramid shape on its side. It's fairly large, bigger than a Cuberry.

"A self-contained candy box! That floats really well."

These strange-looking fruits taste like cocoa. They can be split open, roasted whole, and coated in honey for an absolutely delicious and surprisingly nutritious treat, and the thick sauce inside makes an excellent cake frosting if whipped. Slimes that eat sea fruit love them, and will come from far away to eat them.

Sinker Beans grow on what are essentially vines. Planting one causes 3 or so thick vines to spiral up out of the ground, winding into each other and spreading out at the top to produce a growth that resembles an acacia tree. When the fruit begins to ripen, small pods start to appear on the plant, like pea pods but with only one bump. The ripe fruit look like pea pods, roughly the shape of a lemon with sharp end points, which contain only one round, shiny, black seed. When they fall off the tree into the water, they sink like stones. The outside of the pod is bright blue, the trunk of the tree is a light blue, and the leaves are a deep green with scattered speckles of blue.

"Is it a bean? Is it a blueberry? Is it a nut? Who knows, just don't stand under it."

Sinker beans resemble Earth legumes. The outer shell is extremely tough, but, if it can be cut through, the dark blue 'meat' inside can be scooped out and cooked. Oddly, when properly treated,
it inflates into a puffy substance that greatly resembles a blueberry muffin in taste and texture. Slimes don't have any trouble with the hard shell because they eat the fruit whole, but ranchers will probably need a saw.

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 16, 2018 6:09 pm
by SupaGamaBoi
Wow! This area is amazing! So much detail and content!

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 17, 2018 9:41 am
by Crafter1300
Wow! Amazing Ideas! Lots Of Content!
I Couldn't Even Finish Reading It XD
I Hope An Update Like This Comes In The Future!

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 12:33 pm
by Valeritan
Don't mind me I just want to remind myself to draw some of these slimes one day, I was scrolling back and suddenly remembered this awesome concept

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Tue Mar 27, 2018 7:11 pm
by SlimeKirby
Please, everyone get people to view this post. This is probably the best thing I've seen on this site. The amount of creativity and trueness to the core style of the game is phenomenal. We need a dev to at least look at it and say, "Hey, that's cool."

How long did it take for you to make this up? Dear lord, this is really comprehensive and creative.

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:27 pm
by Fishkeeper
Thank you, everyone!

I'm not sure exactly how long it took to come up with this. I was sort of idly turning it over in my head now and then for a day or two, then I eventually sat down and worked on it to get the details figured out.

I really hope they implement something like this. I want an underwater area and slime aquariums, I feel like there's a lot of potential. Could be an interesting next chapter, exploring a new ecosystem on the Range. Plus, the game is already gorgeous, imagine what a coral reef on the Range would look like! We could see what the Dry Reef looked like before it was dry, maybe.

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Fri Apr 20, 2018 1:39 pm
by GoldenLucky99
Wow, nice!

I see you spent a lot of time on this, and it paid off!

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Sun Apr 22, 2018 9:15 pm
by SlimeCrafter

This, my friend, is the holy grail of lore.I absolutely frickin' love it.I think all of this is amazing and since it will probably never be canonically added (waaaaay to much stuff) I'm going to try and make this a thing. See you in a while!

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2018 1:21 pm
by Noggy05
I'm not sure that a new Tarr would go so well. Would it just be a Tarr that can handle water? Also, how will the game decide when to make one. When a largo eats a different plort, obviously, but that makes a normal Tarr.

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:01 pm
by Fishkeeper
A Salt Tarr would probably be produced when at least two of the three plorts used to make it (two for the Largo, then another) were from Hidden Sea slimes. Otherwise, we wouldn't have any Tarr in this area.

This is probably too much content to add to the game, though, come to think of it.

I guess we'll hope for Slime Rancher 2!

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 5:00 pm
by Teodaan
This is a really unique and cool idea. Probably wouldn't make it in, but gosh if I don't love it.

Re: The Hidden Sea - new area, mostly underwater, HUGE.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 16, 2019 4:53 pm
by KitsuneRyo
This is incredibly detailed and exciting! Really, it could be a full side game, there's so much content. I really suggest sending this all to the developers, see what they think.