Idea: More plushies

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Idea: More plushies

Postby QuantumTangle23 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 5:36 pm

In slime rancher, there is a pink slime plushie on the bed.

Then I thought: Why not have more?

They must be unlocked by doing certain things in the game.

Pink: Unlocked from start.
Rock: Unlock the Indigo Quarry.
Tabby: Unlock the Moss blanket.
Phosphor:Buy the Grotto.
Rad: Buy the Lab.
Boom: Take damage from a boom explosion.
Crystal: Reach Ash Isle (the indigo quarry island)
Honey: Buy the Overgrowth.
Hunter: Pop the Hunter Gordo.
Puddle: Reach Ring isle.
Quantum: Unlock the Ancient ruins. (after opening the giant door.)
Dervish: Unlock the Glass Desert.
Fire: Survive a firestorm.
Tangle: Revive all oaises.
Mosaic: Open one of the slime key doors in the glass desert.
Saber: Unlock the Retreat.
Quicksilver: Complete the nimble valley.
Gold: Get to level 10 in the 7zee rewards club.
Lucky: Get to level 20 in the 7zee rewards club.
Tarr: Kill a tarr with water.
Pink Gordo: Pop all Dry reef gordos.
Rock gordo: Pop all Indigo quarry gordos.
Tabby gordo: Pop all Moss blanket gordos.
Quantum gordo: Pop all Ancient ruins gordos.
Tangle Gordo: Pop all Glass desert gordos.
Gold Gordo: Get to level 28 in the 7zee rewards club.
Pink slime with a moustache: Reach Moustache Isle.
Duck plush: Unlock the docks.
Treefox: Unlock every other plushie.

This would be awesome in the game!

I hope you like it!
Quantum tangles are the hardest slimes to ranch.

But who can say no to that cute little face?
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