Bunch of slime ideas

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Bunch of slime ideas

Postby Purplecharmanderz » Fri Jan 19, 2018 5:16 pm

Just going to compile all my slime idea so far together, or at least my main ones (deep sea variants not included.) looking for opinions and such so feel free to criticize.

Compression Slime
Plort tier: none
Diet: slimes (Not luckies or gold)
Favourite food: vari

The compression slime is a rare slime that would be found in later areas of the far far range. it hunts other slimes, though it can’t feed on largos, by flattening against a surface and becoming invisible then sticking out a bait object (taking the appearance of a pogo fruit). 3 hours after they eat a slime They produce 3 plorts of the corresponding type (five if favoured).

Shark Slime
Plort tier: 4 (60 for base value)
Diet: meat
Favourite food: fish (may need a variant)

Shark slimes are a slime that would exist in a new area (have another post on this area). Shark slimes for the most part are harmless, but if the player isn’t at their max hp, they will be drawn towards the player like a hunter to a honey plort. Shark slimes will also go into a state of aggression (taking ai similar to that of a tabby rock largo) if one of 3 criteria are met; a nearby shark slime is added to the vac pac, a nearby slime or largo is feral, a nearby fish is collected. For this reason shark slimes are very dangerous to try collecting if you are not at max hp or nearing a full inventory.

Both of the following slimes are from the area I designed which I called the fallen tower, I have another post for that which has more details on how they are obtained.

Stormcaller slime:
Diet: Meat
Plort tier: 5
Rancher Risks: Stormcaller slimes have an uncanny ability to move at rapid rates causing minor damage to any rancher that is in their way. When moving at this rate they will ricochet off of any object they run into, which may eventually break air nets.

The second threat is their plorts; these chunks of congealed slime make for excellent conductors, and lightning rods. The plorts call down lightning after being exposed to the planet’s atmosphere for more than 5 seconds, making them very dangerous to handle. this lighting is called even if the plort can’t see the sky, although the lightning won’t reach the plort then.

Either of these abilities will agitate nearby slimes as well as inflict fear, making them a nuisance when around other slimes. Stormcaller slimes are the exception, they seem to calm down around these events.

Temporal slime:
Diet: fruit
Plort tier: 4
Rancher risks: the biggest threat from this slime is its ability to cause all objects within a certain radius to revert their positions and states to how they were a few seconds before hand.
(Ranchers are moved by this but otherwise not affected (inventory is uneffected), Gadgets are not affected though resources from extractors are (may cause items to be deleted should they have been extracted within a few seconds of the time warp), and slimes that aren’t temporal in nature are affected. This ability will not create items, only alter values (such as agitation and hunger) and positions of items within the radius when it actives; this may however destroy items.)
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Re: Bunch of slime ideas

Postby MaximusLeMontagne » Fri Jan 19, 2018 9:02 pm

Great concepts for slimes.
Here are now my opinions on these slimes:
I think that the Temporal Slime would have some flaws in the matter of three seconds, if a slime just so happens to be in the range of a rancher who is getting rare items from extractors, the rare items would reset and possibly not come out again, even though it was only 3 seconds, this would mess with some of the game's algorithm as it would require the entire game to revert 3 seconds to accommodate for the rancher going back 3 seconds.
I think that it would rather be if you are hurt in the water/range of the shark that would alert it to attack, if there was a shark slime previously obtained, a shark shouldn't go feral, be given the ability to attack? Yes. Go feral? No. If it goes feral and is in mass quantities (as slimes usually are) there would be a great number that can target the player exclusively and thus, (if the player was at some point injured) likely cause them to faint and lose everything.
I have one problem with the Compressive slime (I forgot what it was called, apologies). I think it would be an interesting idea of a new class of hunter slime, however, to have to keep track of the days it favors a new slime would be tedious, and therefore, have only one favorite slime, the pink, as it is most common and would give it another reason to be mass-used.
That is all.
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Re: Bunch of slime ideas

Postby Purplecharmanderz » Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:33 pm

The temporal slime I did think about that for resources, which if I didn’t cover on here I covered on the original area post with them that if a resource were to be in the zone and would have not been present in the world the few seconds before hand it would delete the item, adding to a reason to avoid placing extractors on the ranch near them. As for the shark slimes I can see a point where the feral ai may be a bit unbalanced for the situation so altering that to more of an aggressive action that isn’t as extreme as feral would be better suited. And I guess the compression slime altering favourite would be annoying to work with so yeah a static on pinks wouldn’t hurt.
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