[Slime Suggestion] Frosty Slime

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[Slime Suggestion] Frosty Slime

Postby CrazyScientist89 » Tue Jan 19, 2016 3:55 am

Plort Base Value: 40

Rarity: Either it would spawn rarely in a snowy area (if the devs ever add
some sort of snowy region), or there would be a rare random snowstorm event
(1/6 chance every day) that freezes ponds and turns puddle slimes into frosty slimes.
Snowstorms limit visibility as well as slow your movement.

Joke/Pun: The 'coolest' slime of them all!

Diet: Nothing
Favourite: N/A

Slime-o-logy: The frosty slime is born in a blizzard when the metaphorical heart
(since we all know slimes have no internal organs, apart from lots of slime) of a puddle
slime is frozen by the biting cold. In other words, it's exactly the same as a puddle slime,
except it looks and feels a lot colder. Like, ridiculously cold. Frosty slimes leave a trail of
snow, which melts after a few seconds, and also freeze nearby water into ice. They also turn
nearby puddle slimes into more frosty slimes. In addition, frosty slimes will slow down the metabolisms of nearby slimes. This will make nearby slimes more sluggish, and they will
not jump as high, move as fast and even starve slower, which can be quite useful. Frosty
slimes will melt in room temperature or higher and cannot become largo slimes. The plorts
of these slimes are very cold, and never seem to heat up, and other slimes will not eat them (brainfreeze, maybe?).

Risks: Like puddle slimes, frosty slimes require no normal food, but while puddle
slimes need water, all frost slimes need is cold. You will need a corral equipped with the
cooler upgrade (air conditioning with a free snow machine... what a deal!) to keep them
happy... or you can put them in a cave. That works as well. Once they are happy, they'll start
pooping out Frosty Plorts. While frosty slimes are not hostile, being close to them does
make you pretty cold for 10 seconds (obviously). When you are cold, you do not regenerate
health and walk slower. If you are near an incinerator, you will warm up faster.

Plortonomics: Completely eco-friendly fridges (also known as boxes covered with
plorts) and never-melting ice-cream and other assorted icy treats are just 2 of the practical uses of frost plorts. One of the less practical uses of this resource is frost-cream, a sort of suncream with frost plorts which allows the wealthy to take a swim in lava without a single scorch mark.
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Re: [Slime Suggestion] Frosty Slime

Postby Heather » Tue Jan 19, 2016 4:31 pm

Welcome to our community CrazyScientist89!
My favorite part about this slime is the idea of a snowy biome or spawning from a blizzard... very cool idea. I also like it's potential effects on other slimes.
Thanks for sharing...... Image
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