Just some Environment Ideas

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Just some Environment Ideas

Postby suarkonin10 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 4:21 am

The Snowflake Tundra:
- A polare region which could be the glass dessert's opposite
- It could have a lost research lab area like the glass dessert has it's ruins
- There could be blizzards and you have to hide in a cave, in the lab or a fireplace (which you have to ignite first by plort switches of Boom or Fire Slimes) so you don't freeze and get hurt
- Maybe some puzzles which involve activating those fireplaces to melt ice doors
- You could place like giant slime snowman in the area for decoration
- There could live slimes like Pinguin slimes, Snowman slimes or Ice Slimes
- There could be food like Fish Chicken, Frozen Carrots or Snow Bananas
- new fashion pod: Top Hat, Scarf, Coal Eyes

The Cloudy Skys
- A heaven like region with clouds for ground and some Greek like temple structures which are in perfect conditions.
- Angel Slimes: Flying Slimes (like Phosphor Slimes) white or light blue in color with little wings and a Halo
- Cloud Slimes
- Forbidden Fruit: (fruit) basically apples with like a golden curl on them
- some clouds that differ in color which are bouncy and you could jump higher on them

The Burning Undergrounds
- A hell like region with lava and some constructs like halls mined in the walls.
- Demon Slimes: Slimes with little horns maybe always feral when hungry even as small slimes
- Lava Slimes
- Evil Root: (Veggie) black carrots or ginger with dark red cracks

The Far, Far Range's Moon
- A moon region with lower gravity, maybe some space ships and rockets around the place
- Alien Slime: green with big black eyes, they could pull things towards them telepathically
- UFO Slimes: always levitating would look similar to Dervish slimes but silver metallic could carry things underneath them with an gravity ray
- Space Chicken or Cow Chicken

A Mini Map in the the left lower corner of the screen
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Re: Just some Environment Ideas

Postby EmeraldPlay » Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:40 am

Nice ideas, but I'm not sure if the third area you mentioned would be appropriate, and the map that we have right now is enough, we don't need a minimap.
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Re: Just some Environment Ideas

Postby Randomtangle » Sun Nov 19, 2017 4:54 pm

It's cool!




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Re: Just some Environment Ideas

Postby MisfortuneRising » Tue Nov 21, 2017 7:32 pm

Nice ideas! But are there gonna be descriptions for the Cloud Slimes and the Lava Slimes?
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