Ice slimes and Frozen Carrots and New biome

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Ice slimes and Frozen Carrots and New biome

Postby wiggler91 » Fri Sep 08, 2017 7:54 am

Brrr! There is an Ice slime near! Ice slimes are fun, happy, and cold little slimes that are found in the Chilled Plains. They eat vegetables, but there favorite is the Frozen Carrots, found in the ground of the Chilled Plains. Ice plorts are used on Earth coolers and refrigerators. They are quite an expense! Be careful though, the Ice Slime releases an ice blast, which slows you down, making you vulnerable to feral slimes. The Chilled Plains is a harsh and cold biome, that homes Ice slimes, puddle slimes, rock slimes, pick slimes, and some gordos. In this beautiful area, you can witness the wonders of ice and frost as you wander the the Plains. Beware, this magnificent climate homes dangerous Flash Freezes, a large snow storm, that freezes everything it touches. Find cover to avoid harm.
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