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My Previous Ideas Remastered!

Postby MisfortuneRising » Sun Sep 03, 2017 1:47 pm

Ghastly Graveyard: The Ghastly Graveyard is the spookiest and the most horrifying zone on the Far, Far Range. This zone is recommended to only be explored by the bravest and most veteran ranchers. So if you haven't even gotten to the Moss Blanket yet, we suggest staying far, far away from this eerie zone until you're better acquainted with your surroundings.
This zone also inhabits 2 very interesting and curious slimes.

Ghost Slime: “Just when you thought the Tarr were scary enough, along came this little fella…”

Diet: Veggie

Favorite: Ghoulish Squash

Slimeology: The creepy and ominous Ghost Slime is the scariest slime besides the Tarr. The Ghost Slime is the only slime that the Tarr won't eat, given the fact that both are feared by most ranchers and by all other slimes. The Ghost Slime is said to be the outcome of a strange and mythical phenomenon known as the “Phantom Portals". Long ago, a strange event, rarer than firestorms, took place in the Glass Desert. A massive and swirling portal opened, releasing thousands of Ghost Slimes upon the desert. These slimes can be found in the desert only at night and during a very short time gap, as they are an even more rare breed of slimes than the Fire Slime.

Rancher Risks: Ghost Slimes are impossible to corral unless a rancher has the new Phantom Resistant Wall upgrade. This upgrade will prevent the Ghost Slime from simply just going through the corral walls. The Ghost Slime will take possession of any slime it comes close to and will misuse and abuse their powers, which would cause an even bigger RAD aura, spontaneous and even more larger explosions from Boom Slimes, and bigger and hotter patches of crystals from Crystal Slimes. However, creating largos that involve the Ghost Slime will prohibit the Ghost Slime from taking possession of any other slime.

Plortonomics: Slime Scientists and scientists back on Earth are using Ghost Plorts to harness the power of phasing through objects. A special potion was created that allowed people to temporarily pass through solid objects, like walls, doors, and cars. However, this potion sometimes had a lingering effect on a person, which would make them immensely hungry for hours. Now we know how ghosts feel after not have being able to eat for thousands of years.

Ghoulish Squash: “A veggie that you wish you could taste, but sadly, we can't all have our ways.”

Food Type: Veggie

Favored By: Ghost Slime

About: The Ghoulish Squash came along with the Ghost Slime when The Phantom Portals occurred in the Glass Desert centuries ago. Many scientists have tried to invent something to make the squash edible, but to no avail. Scientists are also trying to study the realm from which both the Ghost Slime and the Ghoulish Squash came from, as it is widely believed that this veggie was once a normal squash, but was sucked into The Phantom Portals long before they occurred again in the Glass Desert. Farming Ghoulish Squash is difficult, as a special vaccpack upgrade is required to farm this ghostly veggie. The squash is transparent and cannot be vacced up like any other veggie or fruit. The Ghoulish Squash shares a similar aspect with the Phase Lemon. The Phase lemon is from a different reality, but the Ghoulish Squash is from a different realm.

On The Ranch: Deposit a Ghoulish Squash into a garden's depositor to begin growing a large Ghoulish Squash crop of your very own!

Candy Slime: “This slime is so sweet that it offers to share its food with you! <3”

Diet: Fruit

Favorite: Candied Banana

Slimeology: The pleasant and satisfying Candy Slime is the rarer of the 2 slimes found in the Ghastly Graveyard. A special new slime science gadget is required to lure the Candy Slimes out of hiding. Although the Candy Slime isn’t shy, it hides to avoid making contact with the Ghost Slime. The Candy Slime is hated by the Ghost Slime. Really? I mean, how could you hate something THAT cute?

Rancher Risks: The Candy Slime is threat free and is quite a privilege to have on the ranch. Most ranchers like having this slime around to inhale its sweet and soothing aroma after a stressful day of either exploring or difficult tasks.

Plortonomis: Candy Plorts are used in a wide variety of sweet treats that are commonly found at your local bakery on Earth. From cakes to cookies to hard candy, having candy plorts in these treats makes them quite delectable but quite pricy as well.

Candied Banana: “Not all fruits are good for you…”

Food Type: Fruit

Favored By: Candy Slime

About: The Candied Banana was accidentally created by a famous explorer who once was making a banana split sundae and poured a bowl of molten chocolate and sprinkles on the banana by mistake. Her first intention was to clean it off, but after giving it some thought, she decided to see if it tasted any good. She now owns an estate after her invention was adored worldwide. She even sent some to the 7Zee Corporation so they could scatter it within the Ghastly Graveyard.

On The Ranch: Deposit a Candied Banana into a garden's depositor to begin growing a large Candied Banana crop of your very own!


Fortune Wastelands: A mysterious and foreign island on the Far, Far Range. This island is said to be the island where Gold Slimes and Lucky Slimes disappear to when a rancher fails to profit from one. It's every rancher's dream to visit this island and explore its uncharted territory. But this island isn't all sunshine and rainbows. There are trials in which a rancher must pass in order to explore its deepest secrets.

Diamond Slime: “A slime who isn't afraid of anything...except being hurt by another Diamond Slime.”

Diet: Exclusive

Favorite: Shimmering Starfruit

Slimeology: This ultra rare and valuable slime is native to the Fortune Wastelands. It's also a cousin of the Gold Slime and the Lucky Slime. Very few ranchers have ever been successful and lucky enough to visit the Fortune Wastelands to find one of these beautiful slimes. Diamond Slimes are the toughest and most fearless slimes to ever exist. They have no problem when a Tarr outbreak occurs, as they will fight alongside the Obsidian Slime if the 2 of them are in 1 place at the same time. Diamond Slimes also don’t like roughhousing with each other due to the old saying of, “Only a diamond can hurt another diamond.” Or in this case, “Only a Diamond Slime can hurt another Diamond Slime.”

Rancher Risks: Diamond Slimes pose both a threat and an inconvenience. Just like the Obsidian Slime, they are immune to the Pulse Wave upgrade to your vaccpack. They're also overwhelmingly bright, and you need to purchase the Solar Shield upgrade in order to avoid getting temporary blindness from them.

Plortonomics: Diamond Plorts are by far the most valuable of all plorts. Even more valuable than Gold Plorts and Shamrock Plorts. Just like the Gold Plorts and Shamrock Plorts, Diamond Plorts serve no useful purpose except for the fact that rich people back on Earth use them to encrust their furniture and other household items that they possess.

Shimmering Starfruit: “A fruit which is said to have come from space, but that just sounds absolutely ridiculous so we're not even going to touch base on that.”

Food Type: Fruit

Favored By: Diamond Slime

About: Shimmering Starfruit is a mythical fruit that the Diamond Slimes adore. Just like Gilded Ginger, this fruit only grows once per day in the Fortune Wastelands, and its tree changes its location every time. And just like Gilded Ginger, this special fruit has another use for it...

On The Ranch: Sharing the same inconvenient aspect as Gilded Ginger, Shimmering Starfruit cannot be grown in garden, and only 1 grows per day in the Fortune Wastelands. It's unsure if this fruit shares the same properties as the Gilded Ginger, but only time will tell.

Platinum Slime: “A dense, malleable slime whose attitude is highly unreactive.”

Diet: Exclusive

Favorite: Metallic Turnip

Slimeology: The Platinum Slime is a species of slime that once inhabited the Indigo Quarry. However, after the failed mining expedition that took place there, they quickly retreated to the Fortune Wastelands. This slime is also quite antisocial and doesn't like being close to any kind of slime except for the Diamond Slime.

Rancher Risks: The Platinum Slime poses a serious threat in which it will produce different types of salts that cause you to take a fair amount of damage. Only a special corral upgrade can prevent this from happening.

Plortonomics: Platinum Plorts are used in a variety of jewelry that is far more valuable than normal platinum on Earth. The main use of these plorts however, are to make advanced catalytic converters for cars, trucks and buses to give them an extra and highly lingering mega boost.

Metallic Turnip: The faithful and shiny brother of the sophisticated Silver Parsnip.

Food Type: Veggie

Favored By: Platinum Slime

About: The Metallic Turnip is common veggie that only grows in the Ghastly Graveyard. This veggie can be grown in a garden, but requires a special type mixture of gravel from the Thunder Gorge, and soil from the Sparkling Savannah. This mixture is now an upgrade available when building a garden. This veggie grows in normal amounts like most other veggies and is quite the sought after ingredient in special recipes that 5 star chefs make.

On The Ranch: Deposit a Metallic Turnip into a garden's depositor to begin growing a large Metallic Turnip crop of your very own!

Hi everyone! This is an edited version of my previous output of this post. 2 of the slimes and 2 of the foods that I created have been scrapped but are saved in a file of mine just in case I wanna edit them and their entries for future content ideas. I have also made some minor and big adjustments to some entries that either didn't make sense or were just too repetitive to keep in the post. I hope you all enjoyed! Let me know what you think with this remastered version! <3
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