Shadow Slime

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Shadow Slime

Postby RadSlime3000 » Mon Apr 25, 2016 10:20 am

note: this is required to beat the Void Tarr.

Diet:Fruit, Veggies

Favorite: Dark Peach

This strange slime can pass straight through objects and teleport short distances, as well as it disappears during the day. this slime is hard to catch and is a night version of the golden slime. however, it's slightly harder to find. these slimes also form if a tarr spawns near a golden slime.

ranger risks: the only difficult part if the fact they turn invisible during the day. the fact that they teleport around. you need to make its corral in the grotto or under a solar shield. and you NEED to add a air net in the grotto or it will teleport out.

plortonomics: this plort looks like two plorts fused but the brighter plort is its eternal shadow. the plorts are often used for jewelry and are just as valuble as gold on earth and slightly harder to bend.

sorry, my board attachment quota has been reached, so i cant post a photo. il post it on this page as soon as i can.
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