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Wolf Slime

PostPosted: Sat Feb 27, 2016 8:50 am
by Xedric0308

Possible Art:

Made by Meteorminnow (Massive thanks to him/her :D)

Caption: Your everyday, midnight alarm clock! Awooo-woooh-wooh!!!

Diet: Meat

Favorite Food: Dairydeer

Occurrence: Gloomy Forest, Forest, Reinforest

Default Plort Value: 40 Newbucks

Aggressive: Yes

Slimeology: The wolf slime is a creature found in almost every forest there is. If it encounters a Vamp Slime, all attention goes to it and they immediately battle it out. It's teeth are used for self-defense, to battle against enemies and to eat meat. It can run super fast, making it a hard target for ranchers and tarrs and a good attacker. It prefers night over day, so it is extremely rare to find it under the sunlight, but at night they gather up into groups for a food scavenge. Slimeologists are still researching about this creature for more information.

Rancher Risk: When the rancher get's in these creature's point of view, it dashes really quick to bite the rancher a couple of times and then dashes out. It's deadly bite can cause bleeding which does damage for 5 seconds.

Plortonomics: It's still unknown what their plorts are used for, but slimeologist are working really hard for it.

Hope you like it :)

Feel free to suggest something here if you feel that something could be better :D

Edit #1: Fixed the Credit for Meteorminnow.
Edit #2: Fixed typo errors and made the slimeology more clear.