Electric Slime [REPOST]

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Electric Slime [REPOST]

Postby Xedric0308 » Sat Feb 27, 2016 1:04 am


Possible Art:

Made by Sectanza

Made by Hachiseiko

Diet: Vegetables

Favourite Food: Shock Corn

Occurance: Indigo Quarry (Mostly at night) and Lightning Island

Default plort value: 30 newbucks

Aggressive: If you don't feed it

Slimeology: The electric slime can sense if a tarr is nearby and can easily get away from them. It has electricity circulating around their bodies, so ranchers must be careful when dealing with these things. It can easily be seen in the dark. It can also make regular corn into shock corn when they are near them. Slimeologists are researching more about these electrifying creatures

Rancher Risks: You can get shocked by them that deals damage and causes the rancher to be paralyzed for 10 Secs. It also tries to shock the rancher if the slime isn't well fed, so putting an Auto-Feeder may be helpful.

Plortonomics: Their plorts are used to power electric factories, lighthouses and can be used as batteries for appliances.

Hope you liked it :)

Feel free to suggest something here if you feel that something could be better :D

Here is a link to my old post, if you wanna see it: Electric Slime

Edit #1: Left a link to my old post.
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