(repost) [Suggestion] Crystal Slime

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(repost) [Suggestion] Crystal Slime

Postby TurtleDuDe48 » Mon Feb 22, 2016 7:56 pm

'dont shatter it and its dreams'


Sharp cabbage


Crystal slimes are quite rare and fragile emotionally and physically. they dislike company and prefer to be with their own kind. They hate the taste of plort and seem disgusted at eating it. their crystal-like body can easily shatter, though! so don't be throwing them left and right as you'll end up destroying them. Though do not worry, they regenerate!


The crystal plorts is used in many different jewelry for the sophisticated. Their shiny faint red glow just fills anyone who wears it with delight

Rancher risks:

Crystal slimes pose multiple threats such as being so cracked that rigid spikes appear on them which hurts you and your slimes they also attract other slimes to themselves from their shiny glow which may result in largos or worse...

*by what I mean they regenerate is that if they are cracked they regenerate slowly but. If they shatter they're obviously gone

Biome: The crystal ruins viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1803

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Shout out to Sectanza for it

Plorts value: 45
all credit for drawing the Crystal slime belongs to Hachiseiko.

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