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Audio Slime!

Postby NiteZ » Tue Feb 02, 2016 7:15 pm

Diet: Everything, Water, and Plorts! - A special slime needs a special diet!

Favorite: Mint Mangoes, Briar Hens, Honey Plorts, Heart Beets.

Slimeology: Unlike most slimes this one is quite intelligent, being one of the few slimes capable of understanding languages. Many of these rare slimes are kept as exotic pets throughout the galaxy, even though they're very difficult to maintain. These slimes provide ambient music perfect for any occasion - during daytime it takes requests, at night it provides soothing music to help with rest!

Rancher Risks: None! It's possible to only have one though, having more than one will cause discord and cause negative effects around the ranch.

Plortonomics: Although these slimes do not produce many plorts, when they do the plorts can be used for many different applications throughout the music industry, as such they are highly valued.

Okay first of all - Hello everyone, I'm new here and decided to share something interesting.

The idea behind this slime is that it's one of the few "rancher's pets" that can be obtained through different means. The audio slime once obtained (caught in the wild) requires it's own "audio studio" corral, as it requires to eat multiple things to fulfill it's diet. Audio slimes will remain in the middle of the corral and the resources input will be fed to it automatically, and will slowly grow in size - plorts will be collected automatically; however, it'll only produce them one at a time - they'll only sell for approximately 100 new bucks so it won't be much. Audio slimes cannot become Tarrs, however, if a Tarr attacks it, it will slowly diminish in size until minimum size. Audio slimes max size are that of 2x of a gordo. Now why would you want this resource guzzling pet - Well it's ability adds +1 plort produced to every slime that can hear it! As it grows larger not only will it's field of influence grow (initially restricted to the initial area where he is placed), but it will also increase the production of plants and animals as well!

If you guys think this is a good idea I'll be happy to attempt to create some concept art (when I'm not feeling too lazy).
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