Crystal Sea

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Crystal Sea

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Its my birthday so have this

Crystal Sea
“An underwater cavern with many crystals”

An underwater cave with many crystal spires

Through the slime gate in the sea cavern

Quartz Cranny: A narrow pathway covered in quartz with many Octo/Quartz ferals

Crystal Gateway: A giant room with a slime gate in it connected to Quartz Cranny

Beryl Path: A pathway covered in beryl with many Jelly/Abalone ferals

Gem Altar: A giant room with a slime gate in it connected to Beryl Path

Seasonal Progression
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

New Resources
Abalone Slime
“A shiny shell- I mean slime”

Description: A reflective blue slime with black waves on its body

Secret Style: Illustrious, Its blue becomes violet

Diet: Meat

Favorite: Rainbow Trout

Toy: Nail Polish (a bottle of pink nail polish)

Slimeology: The abalone slime has an illustrious coating under its outer slime layer that reflects light in the most alluring ways. Many ranchers and slimes get attracted to their shiny coloration, kinda like mosaic slimes.

Rancher Risks: This slime, like many other undersea slimes, needs moist temperatures. The abalone slime stands out from most ocean slimes as it is so picky, it refuses to eat chickens and only eats fish. Besides these facts and the sparkles, they are a pretty safe slime.

Plortonomics: The abalone slime’s plorts can be made into a very refractive polish. Every different angle has a different color, and many elites prize it for that quality,

Quartz Slime
“Some say it wards off evil”

Description: A whitish slime white translucent quartz crystals

Secret Style: Amethyst, It becomes purple with purple crystals

Diet: Veggie

Favorite: Jewelic

Toy: Salt Lamp (a salt lamp)

Slimeology: Unlike most underwater slimes, quartz slimes don’t care about humidity and are completely unaffected by it. This is why quartz slimes are one of the most popular underwater slimes to ranch, right next to the dugong slime.

Rancher Risks: Being a relative of the rock slime, the quartz slime has many sharp spikes on its head that many ranchers will have to watch out for. Even though, the fact that they don’t care about humidity is still enough to attract ranchers.

Plortonomics: Quartz slime plorts are said to ward of bad energy and attract good energy by spiritual people. This has made them a highly wanted commodity in faith healing practices. They are basically worthless to anybody else that doesn't need a quartz supplement.

Lantern Slime
“The phosphor slime of the sea”

Description: A black, translucent slime with neon blue eyes, a neon blue mouth, a black fin, and a neon blue light inside of it

Secret Style: Punk, Fin starts looking like a mohawk and neon blue becomes neon red

Diet: Fruit

Favorite: Punkiwi

Toy: Neon Ball (a neon blue rubber ball with a neon red stripe that glows)

Slimeology: The lantern slime, like most underwater slimes, needs wet conditions to be fully happy. But like phosphor slimes, they need to live in permanent shade. However, unlike the phosphor slime, they are more closely related to the shark slime.

Rancher Risks: The light that these slimes produce is incredibly calming. When in the dark, the glow of the lantern slime attracts other slimes. However, when in light, the glow is drowned out and slimes can’t see it. This means that if a slime is in light and the lantern slime is in dark, the slime in light can’t see the lantern slime’s glow. Many ranchers use this to their advantage when raising lantern slimes.

Plortonomics: Lantern slime plorts have lots of neon-like chemicals in them. Believed to be a byproduct of digestion, these chemicals can be used in neon lights to help protect our dwindling neon supply back on earth.

“A bedazzled solution to vampires”

Description: A garlic with a gem on each clove

Favored By: Quartz Slime

Seasons: Winter-Spring

Entry: Deep in the caverns of the crystal sea, one can find the rare and elusive jewelic. Unlike the encrusted citrus, this plant gets its crystal-making minerals from the water around it. It is herald as one of the best spices out on the far, far range.

Rainbow Trout
“No matter rain or shine, this fish will stay on your side”

Description: A tan fish with rainbow fins. Its caves have crystals near them.

Favored By: Abalone Slime

Entry: The rainbow trout may sound similar to the one on earth but rather than its scales being rainbow colored, its fins are. Often after storms, these fish congregate in large groups for unknown reasons.

Rainbow Fishlet
“A bright speck of color in a dark ocean”

Description: A rainbow trout-colored fishlet

“A fruit that rocks a nice mohawk”

Description: A kiwi that has a red mohawk of hair on it. Its trees have black bark and spiky bundles of red leaves

Favored By: Lantern Slime

Seasons: Summer-Fall

Entry: The tough outer skin if a punkiwi hide its delectable, red fruit-flesh. This fruit has a really tart taste followed by an amazingly sweet aftertaste making it one of the most delicious fruits on the far, far range. The rebel community back on earth also seems to like the fruit.

Gem Sand
“One of the range’s best glitters”

Type: Excavator

Area: Crystal Sea

Rarity: Common

Description: A cork jar of an iridescent substance

Entry: In the crystal sea, most of the sea floor is covered by regular sand. However underground, a sand made up of pieces of ground up crystals takes its place. Known as gem sand, this substance is prized for its small crystals that can help make many gadgets.

New Slime Science Gadgets
Novice Gordo Net

Class: Utility

Materials: Shark Plort x8, Algae Juice x10, Photoplankton x1, Gem Sand x9

Effect: An underwater novice gordo snare

Enforced Fashion Pod
Class: Curio

Materials: Abalone Plort x8, Gem Sand x7, Buzz Wax x18, Filtered Water x12

Effect: Adds hard hats to slimes

Crystal Fashion Pod
Class: Curio

Materials: Quartz Plort x8, Gem Sand x7, Primordy Oil x18, Slimestone x12

Effect: Adds crystal tiaras to slimes

Mining Fashion Pod
Class: Curio

Materials: Lantern Plort x8, Gem Sand x7, Jellystone x18, Shell Shards x12

Effect: Adds miner’s hats to slimes

Alien Fashion Pod
Class: Curio

Materials: Meteor Plort x10, Gem Sand x8, Shell Polish x6

Effect: Adds antenna headbands to slimes

Slimes: Pink, Jelly, Octo, Dugong, Abalone, Quartz, Lantern
Sea Fruit: Underwatermelon, Ocean Cherries, Punkiwi
Sea Veggies: Sea Taro, Aqua Yam, Jewelic
Fish: Sea Sardine, Dazzle Fish, Sea Fishlet, Red Herring, Red Fishlet, Rainbow Trout, Rainbow Fishlet
Excavator: Slimestone, Fossilized Helix, Hydromarine, Gem Sand
Filter: Filtered Water, Algae Juice, Photoplankton
Colony: Shell Shards, Shell Polish, Perfect Pearl
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