Aquatic Update

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Aquatic Update

Postby SlimePies » Thu Jun 03, 2021 10:32 am

Ron Fischer

A new range exchange NPC that you can access once you unlock the slime sea shelf

Trades For: Fish

Trades: Fruit, Veggies, Plorts, Money, Meat, Sea Veggies, Sea Fruit, Slime Science Materials,

Slime Science Gadgets
Shell Bell
Class: Utility

Materials: Shell Shards x9, Nigiri Plort x7, Hunter Plort x12, Shell Polish x8

Effect: An underwater taming alarm

Underwater Lightshow
Class: Utility

Materials: Photoplankton x4, Jelly Slime x7, Octo Slime x8, Slimestone x10

Effect: An underwater portable music box

Aquatic Med Station
Class: Utility

Materials: Perfect Pearl x1, Algae Juice x7, Fossilized Helix x7, Dugong Plort x9

Effect: An underwater med station

Advanced Aquatic Med Station
Class: Utility

Materials: Hydromarine x2, Filtered Water x12, Dugong Plort x20, Fossilized Helix x13

Effect: An underwater advanced med station

Swim Station
Class: Utility

Materials: Photoplankton x2, Shell Polish x8, Shark Plort x14, Octo Plort x12

Effect: An underwater dash pad

Sailor Fashion Pod
Class: Curio

Materials: Dugong Plort x10, Jelly Plort x10, Shell Shards x8, Fossilized Helix x6

Effect: Adds sailor hats to slimes

Sneaky Fashion Pod
Class: Curio

Materials: Jelly Plort x10, Octo Plort x10, Filtered Water x8, Shell Polish x6

Effect: Adds robber masks to slimes

Burly Fashion Pod
Class: Curio

Materials: Octo Plort x10, Dugong Plort x10, Slimestone x8, Algae Juice x6

Effect: Adds beards to slimes

Sting Proof Clothing: Protects against jelly slime stings

Container Locks: Allows you to lock your containers, preventing you or octo slimes from taking stuff out of them

Tank (Fish Farm)
Replica Cave: Increases growth of fishlets

Purple Kelp: Increases chances of a fishlets growing into a dazzling fish

Nutrient Pump: Increases spawn of fishlets

Tank (Sea Garden)
Water Temperature Controls: Allows crops to be grown in any season

Volcanic Sand: Make all harvests have maximum harvest

Growth-Inducing Loam: Speeds up crop growth
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