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Science & Upgrades

Postby SlimePies » Sun May 30, 2021 2:24 am

Hey, I'm back with some more slime rancher ideas. I have made many more areas and ideas for my ongoing collection. Many new slimes, new underwater areas, new resources, new everything really. I hope you enjoy and I hope I remember to post everything and not forget halfway through.

Professor Phillip Abel
A new range exchange NPC that you get access to once you unlock the lab
Trades For: Slime Science Resources
Trades: Fruit, Veggies, Plorts, Money, Meat, Blueprints

Slime Science Gadgets
Planter Pot

Class: Utility
Materials: Capsaicin Plort x10, Salt Crystals x8, Saber Plort x9
Effect: Functions like a smaller garden but without the upgrades.

Weathertron MK. II
Class: Utility
Materials: Battery Pack x10, Strange Diamond x3, Grime Honey x7, Puff Plort x8
Effect: Basically, a weathertron that fails less

Field Fabricator
Class: Utility
Materials: Rad Plort x15, Petroleum Jelly x9, Royalflower Honey x9
Effect: A portable fabricator

Advanced Hydro Shower
Class: Utility
Materials: Gecko Plort x10, Compacted Trash x12, Natural Gas x8, Crude Plort x11
Effect: A hydro shower with a larger range

Portable Music Box
Class: Utility
Materials: Vampire Plort x9, Fungcap Plort x12, Natural Gas x8, Battery Pack x4
Effect: When turned on, decrease the agitation of slimes around it

Class: Curio
Materials: Fungcap Plort x10, Battery Pack x2, Strange Diamond x2, Manifold Cube x6
Effect: Allows the player to pick a song from the game to play in game

Rain Bin
Class: Curio
Materials: Amoeba Plort x7, Compacted Trash x10, Petroleum Jelly x8, Ape Plort x9
Effect: Collects water during rain

Advanced Med Station

Class: Utility
Materials: Jellystone x10, Chill Plort x8, Frog Plort x7, Royalflower Honey x9
Effect: A med station that heals more health for less energy

Taming Alarm
Class: Utility
Materials: Shark Plort x8, Battery Pack x2, Manifold Cube x5, Salt Crystals x7
Effect: Basically, a taming bell that rings itself. It has a cooldown between rings

Warm Fashion Pod
Class: Curio
Materials: Capsaicin Plort x7, Nigiri Plort x4, Grime Honey x7, Petroleum Jelly x8
Effect: Adds red scarves to slimes

Goofy Fashion Pod
Class: Curio
Materials: Mud Plort x9, Meteor Plort x5, Indigonium x4, Royalflower Honey x8
Effect: Adds joke glasses to slimes

Floral Fashion Pod
Class: Curio
Materials: Fae Plort x8, Mandrake Plort x6, Royalflower Honey x4, Wild Honey x9
Effect: Adds a flower crown to slimes

Formal Fashion Pod
Class: Curio
Materials: Gull Plort x9, Meteor Plort x8, Compacted Trash x7, Silky Sand x5
Effect: Adds a navy-blue neck-tie to slimes

Joyful Fashion Pod
Class: Curio
Materials: Puff Plort x12, Salt Crystals x4, Buzz Wax x3
Effect: Adds a wedding veil to slimes

Feather Toy
Class: Curio
Materials: Gull Plort x8, Shark Plort x3, Pepper Jam x5, Slime Fossil x4
Effect: Feline slimes can play with it, lowering their agitation

Butterfly Hutch
Class: Decoration
Materials: Butter Plort x12, Royalflower Honey x4, Fae Plort x6
Effect: Makes many butterflies fly around the area it is placed in

Rayvian Nest
Class: Decoration
Materials: Gull Plort x10, Wild Honey x5, Frog Plort x3, Hexacomb x4
Effect: Makes flocks of rayvians fly above the area it is placed in

Fog Machine
Class: Curio
Material: Spiral Steam x10, Compacted Trash x7, Natural Gas x8
Effect: When turned on, causes the weather to change to fog unless in polluted plains, where it will make smog

Pilot Fashion Pod
Class: Curio
Material: Primordy Oil x6, Puff Plort x7, Meteor Plort x8, Slime Fossil x6
Effect: Adds a pilot’s hat to slimes

Steampunk Fashion Pod
Class: Curio
Material: Glass Shard x4, Indigonium x8, Rock Plort x7, Vampire Plort x7
Effect: Adds green-lensed glasses with steampunk frames to slimes


Expanded Tank: Adds a 5th tank to your vackpac

Ventilation System: Greatly reduces the range of pollution slime smog and gas slime gas
Sprinkler System: Sprays water in the corral when tarr are in it

Raggleweed: Increases the chance of a chick growing into a roostro

Bubble Jets: Increases the population limit to 5 (without rubber duck) or 7 (with rubber duck)

Anyway thanks for reading! I hope I can bring back activity into this part of the forum.
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