The Tarr Pit

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The Tarr Pit

Postby Castled » Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:08 am


I've recently played Slime Rancher again after three years, and it was a blast to not only relive my favorite experiences, but also to try out the new features that I've missed out, either from a lack of experience back then, or from recent updates.

Anyways, here's a concept for a roadmap update/personal roadmap for a Slime Rancher mod whenever I feel like trying out Unity

Deep, Dark Ventures Update

Personal Roadmap (brief description):
"An expansion, somewhat similar to The Wilds, where you would venture through an area, collecting resources, but with some major differences; one being that all of the resources you collect will be in the same locations, but, with an extra fallback. After collecting from these deposits, a tarry appendage pops up, splash it with water, and a cave mastermind boss will spawn, being the entire cave! Defeat this beast, and all of the deposits will be filled up again, after a day."

Conditions to Unlock:
At least one Range Exchange has been performed with:

  • Viktor Humphries
  • BOb
- The Glass Desert is unlocked
- The player has the Water Tank upgrade

Slimepedia Entries:

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The Tarr Pit

The Tarr Pit has been rumored to have been an abandoned project of the well-known slime scientist, Viktor Humphries, established to collect rare oil samples, that are said to be the exact same material that makes up the vile Tarr.

More rumors state that this used to be the home for five pink slimes for five months, after running away from one of their friends, who was, and we quote: "bIiig Caat witH winGg eAt PinK, Nnow bLlak Nd sCarY", they fell into the Slime Sea, and popped into the cave, and ate dried roots (which were said to have tasted great!) for the next few months, until Victor created the project, and rescued them, though, at their expense of never being able to eat cave root again.

And, yet ANOTHER rumor, though, the least believable, states a small story, about Mochi Miles, venturing into the cave in full stride, collecting all of the samples in mere minutes, until she went to get a sample from one of the already picked deposits, and accidently tugged on something strangely rough, yet soft at the same time. What she saw afterwards was said to be the only thing, in all her life, that has ever made her feel even a trace of fear, but, come on, do you really believe Mochi Miles ever gets scared? She probably dispatched whatever the threat was with ease, and totally didn't run out of the cave entrance at max speed...

Tarr Pit: Collecting oil, and clearing up Tarr:

BOb has accidently activated a teleporter to one of Viktor's long, lost projects, and it inspired Viktor to continue it!

Collecting oil samples from deposits is very simple; in certain structures in the cave systems, oil deposits will exist, where they will contain rare samples of oil, said to be the very material that makes up the ravenous Tarr.

Be careful, however; once you collect a sample from a deposit, a tarry appendage will pop up, and will continue to occupy all of the deposits until all of them are empty. Splash one of these appendages, and stand faaaaar back, since you're going to be in for a rough ride!

After doing the above procedure, a TarrMonger will awaken, and take over the entire cave! Rush towards the Tarr Opening, marked by a beacon, and then begin to dispatch this oversized tar stain:

From the floors, the TarrMonger will call forth appendages to slap, or grab you. Three splashes of water will dispatch them, however, another one will replace it after a while.

Locate the face of the TarrMonger, which will occasionally move around, and blast it with several splashes of water! Don't stand in one place for too long, however, as the TarrMonger can sometimes spit sticky tar all over you, preventing you from doing anything!

After being splashed to the face enough times, it will become desperate, and try to grab you with it's arms, and then eat you like a Hen Hen! You can take off these appendages with your Vacpack, and they will smoothly rip off like fruit on a tree.

Once dispatched, the oil samples will renew after a day, and you can rinse and repeat.

Concepts of Mechanics:

TutorialGif1.gif (23.38 KiB) Viewed 2944 times

Cave Floor Cleaning:
Beware of where you step; while a TarrMonger is present, tarry appendages will seep up from the ground, and try to attack or even grab you! Just a few splashes of water will do just fine against them, though.

TutorialGif2.gif (22.57 KiB) Viewed 2944 times

Wall Weeding:
Looks like someone is hungry: a TarrMonger will sometimes get desperate, and try to directly grab you with wall arms, and then bite you! Use your Vacpack and pull them off the walls like pogofruit on a tree.
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Re: The Tarr Pit

Postby Castled » Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:09 am

Concepts of Mechanics (EXPANDED):

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Oil Pests:
Once you collect an oil sample from a deposit, a tarry appendage will pop up. If you're brave enough (or if there aren't any oil deposits left to collect from,) splash it with water, then prepare for a thrilling fight!

TutorialGif4.gif (13.92 KiB) Viewed 2943 times

The Big, Rancid Cheese:
Uh oh, looks like a TarrMonger woke up! You're going to need plenty of water for this bad boy, but don't worry if you don't have any, there are springs just outside the area that the oversized tar stain is. Fill up your water tank, and get ready for a large cleanup job!
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