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Glitch Slime Holoprojector

PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 8:03 pm
by RadSlime3000
yea, hi, it's me, mr semi-veteran who left for a year

idea time

Glitch Slime Holoprojector
This is something you can buy and use in a normal plot after completing all of the bug report quests.
The Glitch Slime Holoprojector is a massive holoprojector that houses the code of three Glitch Slimes, effectively letting you have glitch slimes in your ranch.
Glitch slimes cannot be eaten by tarrs, fed, or moved by your vacpack or slime/player collision.
At one corner of the holoprojector room is a "Largo Simulator". there are 3 slots on top of the device. by placing a plort on one of those top slots, it will trigger a artificial largo transformation on one of the three glitch slimes. removing the plort will undo this, as you would expect. you can buy a upgrade for the holoprojector that lets you summon a slime toy within the chamber that the glitch slimes can interact with.

Basically, giant fish tank but glitch slimes and you can't touch/farm them, yada yada.

Re: Glitch Slime Holoprojector

PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, 2021 10:11 am
by Castled
This seems like a pretty neat idea, however, considering the nature of Glitch Slimes, it may not seem to make much sense keeping them in a physical tank, for say.

Maybe it would be cool if there was a screen in Viktor's workshop, that instead of physically seeing them, they are "emulated" onto the screen, possibly by spawning them in an uninteractable area in-game, and then recording from a perspective onto the screen, and you can put all of those features related to emulating largos and spawning toys by some sort of console board next to the screen.

Also, there would have to be a way to differentiate between actual Glitch Slimes and "emulated" Glitch Slimes, since the former would normally despawn after a few seconds.