Underwater Slimes!? Underwater Base??

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Underwater Slimes!? Underwater Base??

Postby misskikixo » Wed Dec 09, 2020 2:37 pm

The Far Far Range is a dried coral reef, and the slimes therein have adapted to living on land. If only we were able to witness what it was like when water covered the reef and the area was teeming with floaty fishy slimes. But what is this? The Far Far range is surrounded by slime-y ocean. What if it were possible to teleport to an underwater base and dive for subaquatic slimes? Surely with a bit of innovation, and a lot of help from Victor, corrals could be outfitted to fill with water to house these potential new residents: clownfish-slimes, puffer slimes, jellyfish slimes...and for those brave enough to try and avoid their sharp chompers, perhaps one could acquire a zippy shark slime!!
Nothing is quite so magical to me as the colourful life of healthy reefs; I would love to explore where slimes go when we see them jump into the ocean (or deliver them there ourselves).
Who else would save up for a ticket to such a place! :P
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Re: Underwater Slimes!? Underwater Base??

Postby Endlesssummer01 » Mon Jan 04, 2021 4:57 pm

Love the idea, I feel like Viktor could do a quest line for this after completing his normal quest line. Maybe something like he needs help on some new research of his.

Perhaps only being able to stay underwater for a certain amount of time before losing health?

Maybe you could collect air bubbles to be able to stay underwater for longer?

Puddle slimes maybe?

But, also The Tarr seems hard to make work underwater since they melt if they are exposed to water.

Maybe there could be little fish Tarr, that when exposed to air, die.

Maybe if you collected air bubbles you could shoot it at the Tarr, but the longer you stay underwater the more bubbles you lose. And, if you lose all of them you begin to take damage.

Overall, cool idea!
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