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Slime Idea

Postby KaWouter04 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 1:45 am

So last night I was thinking: What if I could add a slime (and fav. food) to Slime Rancher?

I came up with this simple idea:
Soul Slimes!

Their favourite food:
Ghost pepper!

I think this would be a really cool addition to the game, since we don't have a lot of floating slimes and we don't have any spices yet.

Another idea is that if you give a slime a ghost pepper (that is not a soul/gold slime) they would turn red and burst into 5 plorts (of each slime if it's a largo).
This could help you get some plorts from slimes you want to get rid of.
Honey slimes should be immune to this since honey is a common antidote against spices.

I hope you can do something with this :)
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Re: Slime Idea

Postby fbacker » Tue Dec 15, 2020 6:02 am

Good idea.
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