Blue Slime (You are what you eat!)

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Blue Slime (You are what you eat!)

Postby Feranogame » Mon Jun 08, 2020 12:45 pm

The Blue Slime
The Blue Slime is a post-credit slime that can rarely spawn where any Pink Slimes would. It has no specific behaviors, acting just like a Pink Slime.
The Blue Slime has no plort, instead when eating any plort it simply transforms into the slime whose plort it ate.
Unlike normal slimes, it can eat any plort.
If the plort eaten is a Gold Plort, it spawns a special Gold Slime, which always only gives one Gold Port when shot, as well as when fed. However, it doesn't despawn.
I haven't thought about how it could become a Lucky Slime tho, which is something I plan (in a similar vein to the Gold Plort eating).
The Blue Slime would be a good post-endgame option for getting slimes for experimentation, getting Gold Slimes for display, as well as tying in the lore of making the pure Saber Slime. It would also helping doing missions which require very rare slimes when you are in a part of the game were getting the slimes you need wouldn't be fun or challenging, but just a chore.
P.S.: Blue was just chosen as a color that screams "generic slime", any other color, e.g. green, could also work just as fine.

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Re: Blue Slime (You are what you eat!)

Postby spritelessGirl » Mon Jul 06, 2020 6:37 pm

Heh, like the original puddle slime.
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