Polluted Plains

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Polluted Plains

Postby SlimePies » Fri May 22, 2020 4:47 am

A lot of this is inspired by the new sims 4 pack coming out

Polluted Plains
“A once clean grassland covered in human refuse”

A large expanse of withered grass and piles of trash

Behind the slime gate in the torrent bluffs. Needs 5 Fae plorts to activate the teleporter

Smoggy Bog: A large swath of polluted ponds with toxic smog over them. No puddle slime spawn in these ponds, however amoeba slimes do. An amoeba gordo near the edge of the smog is on a 1-way teleporter

Trash Mountain: A large heap of trash with many pollution slimes running about. A pollution gordo exists on the top that is on a teleporter to rubbish isle

Rubbish Isle: A large pile of trash in the middle of the ocean with many pollution slimes on it

Waste Cavern: A cavern with many gas slimes and a gas gordo with a slime key

Ship’s Wreckage: The source of all the pollution locked behind a slime gate

Seasonal Progression

New Mechanics
Smog clouds areas around the smoggy bog and pollution slimes. It hurts Beatrix while she is in it. Smog also causes hydro gadgets to spit out polluted water. Also replaces fog in polluted plains

Gas Mask
A Vacpack upgrade that grants immunity to smog

Polluted Water
Gross water that heals tarr. Puddle slimes can not live in it. If Beatrix sucks up one blob of polluted water, all water in her inventory becomes polluted. Can spread to ponds

Water Filtration U
nitA Vacpack upgrade that filters all polluted water into regular water

Acid Rain
Polluted rain with no protection from. Slowly saps out Beatrix’s energy and agitates slimes. Replaces all forms of rain in polluted plains

Pond Filtration
A pond upgrade that prevents the water from becoming polluted

Gas Garden
A garden upgrade that allows you to plant pollution plums and gasabi

New Resources
Amoeba Slime
“A slime that needs its plorts cleaned up”

Description: A grey-green, translucent slime with an orange, green, and purple blob inside of it

Secret Style: Paramecium, its blobs disappear an its body becomes blue with light blue cilia all over its body

Diet: Meat

Favorite: Scavenge Hen

Toy: Spray Bottle (an empty, yellow and pink spray bottle)

Slimeology: The amoeba slime has a thinner exterior slime layer than many other slimes, causing it to lose water more easily. It is advised that when keeping the amoeba slime, a rancher should install a humidifier in their corral.

Rancher Risks: The main problem with ranching amoeba slimes is their plorts. If these plorts are left outside to long, they’ll eventually become another amoeba slime. The plort collector and drone combination is one of the easiest ways to deal with this slime however occasional release of some excess slimes is another viable route.

Plortonomics: Amoeba slime plorts are extremely viable as stem cell ingredients. The rapid expansion of these plorts make really good resources to make stem cells for. The introduction of this technology has completely changed the entire field of medicine.

Pollution Slime
“This slime stinks! Quite literally”

Description: A dark gray slime with white eyes and mouth with dark gray clouds surrounding it

Secret Style: Eco, Its body and clouds become white while its eyes and mouth become green

Diet: Fruit

Favorite: Pollution Plum

Toy: Smoke Bomb (a white orb that produces smoke that slowly changes color)

Slimeology: The pollution slime is attracted to pollution and actually loves it. This peculiar behavior caused this slime to build up a massive immune system, so it never gets sick. The slime is actually made up of large amounts of refuse, and some say that it only appeared due to humans polluting the environment of the far, far range.

Rancher Risks: This slime is a real hassle to handle. It constantly produces small amounts of smog which may not sound bad but when a lot of them get together in one area, it can cover the land in smog for about a mile away. Other slimes do not like this smog (besides other pollution slimes, gas slimes, amoeba slimes, and gull slimes) and the smog is even poisonous to ranchers.

Plortonomics: Surprisingly, the pollution slime plorts can be used to clean up refuse. The particles that allow it to dissolve pollution as a slime stay in its plorts and can be extracted to clean up many polluted areas.

Gas Slime
“A slime that has giant potential”

Description: A burnt orange colored slime with a puffy ring around its body and a swirl on its head

Secret Style: Tutu, The slime becomes hot pink with the swirl turning white and into a curl and the ring become white as well

Diet: Veggie

Favorite: Gasabi

Toy: Gas Tank (a blue and white propane tank)

Slimeology: The gas slime is composed of a mixture of slime and natural gas. This causes a more buoyant body than most other slimes. They are often found inside caves. This is for their own safety.

Rancher Risks: The gas slime produces an invisible gas that is safe to slimes and ranchers however when the gas gets to hot, it is known to ignite into flaming balls of fire. And when the gas gets to cold, it can freeze objects making this slime very dangerous without protection from heat and cold.

Plortonomics: The slimes plorts are often used as a substitute for natural gas. It burns at lower temperatures and produces less waste than regular natural gas. It’s often a substitute for power in areas that can’t use rad slime power.

Scavenge Hen
“Often has to search through trash for food”

Description: A hen hen with many brown and green splotches. Its nests have boxes and cans near them.

Favored By: Amoeba Slime

Entry: Scavenge hens have resorted to scavenging for food in the polluted plains and have developed immunities to many pollutants.

Scavenge Chickadoo
“Also known as rag chicks”

Description: A chickadoo with the splotches of a scavenge hen.

“A spicy tuber that causes bloating”

Description: An orange wasabi root

Favored By: Gas Slime

Seasons: Summer-Fall

Entry: The gasabi shares many chemical similarities to the gas in gas slimes and it thought to absorb the same gases buried underground that gas slimes absorb. These gases are released upon digestion and can cause bloating. Combined with the fact that this root is very spicy makes a not so pleasant meal. A gas garden is advised to grow this crop.

Pollution Plum
“A plum that always looks sickly”

Description: A slightly green plum. Its trees have black bark and no leaves.

Favored By: Pollution Slime

Seasons: Winter

Entry: The pollution plum is an odd plant indeed. It feeds off of energy form gases in the soil of where its from instead of with leaves. Due to this lifestyle, it evolved to have no leaves whatsoever. But due to it feeding off of gases, it needs a gas garden to grow.

Natural Gas
“Less natural than most”

Type: Pump

Area: Pollution Plains

Rarity: Uncommon

Description: A completely fogged up bottle. The fog is olive-green

Entry: Despite the name, natural gas is not natural! It is instead formed from rotting garbage under the soil and is the gas that gas slimes feed off of. It can still be used as fuel, so its possibilities are endless.

Compacted Trash
“Squish squash”

Type: Drill

Area: Pollution Plains

Rarity: Uncommon

Description: A cube made up of many scraps

Entry: Under polluted plains, there are tons of garbage and refuse. Now some of this waste can still be used, and drills can compact it into neat little cubes for fabrication pleasure.

Grime Honey
“The only honey that is spoiled”

Type: Apiary

Area: Pollution Plains

Rarity: Uncommon

Description: A jar of an olive-green substance and a worn label

Entry: Bees in the polluted plains are faring better than one would expect. The lack of flowers means they have to use refuse to make their honey and when they do, it becomes grime honey.

New Slime Science Gadgets
Trash Mound

Class: Decoration
Materials: Amoeba Plort x10, Natural Gas x5, Grime Honey x5, Compacted Trash x5
Effect: None

Trash Pile
Class: Decoration
Materials: Gas Plort x10, Natural Gas x10, Grime Honey x10, Compacted Trash x10
Effect: None

Trash Heap
Class: Decoration
Materials: Pollution Plort x10, Natural Gas x15, Grime Honey x15, Compacted Trash x15
Effect: None

Air Filtration Unit
Class: Utility
Materials: Pollution Plort x12, Natural Gas x8, Compacted Trash x13
Effect: Filters smog and gas out of the air around it

Filtered Hydro Turret
Class: Utility
Materials: Amoeba Plort x10, Natural Gas x9, Grime Honey x11
Effect: Acts like a hydro turret, but its water isn’t affected by smog

Filtered Hydro Shower
Class: Utility
Materials: Gas Plort x7, Grime Honey x10, Compacted Trash x13
Effect: Acts like a hydro shower, but its water isn’t affected by smog

Slimes: Pink, Rock, Tabby, Gull, Mandrake, Amoeba, Pollution, Gas
Fruit: Pogofruit, Cuberry, Pollution Plum
Veggies: Carrot, Heart Beet, Mimic Mandrake, Gasabi
Meat: Hen Hen, Rostro, Chickadoo, Stony Hen, Stony Chickadoo, Blue Quill hen, Blue Quill Chickadoo, Scavenge Hen, Scavenge Chickadoo
Drill: Jellystone, Slime Fossil, Strange Diamond, Compacted Trash
Pump: Primordy Oil, Spiral Steam, Lava Dust, Natural Gas
Apiary: Buzz Wax, Hexacomb, Royal Jelly, Grime Honey
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Re: Polluted Plains

Postby Brinkie » Fri May 29, 2020 2:38 am

I love all of your slime area ideas, but my issue with the Polluted Plains is that the Far, Far Range is supposed to be a planet that is very new for humans, and there being loads of human waste on it doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe there could be a different explanation, like refuse from the factories of the 7Zee corporation or the Miles business empire rather than waste that has been there for a while.
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Re: Polluted Plains

Postby SlimePies » Sat May 30, 2020 1:13 pm

Well that was kinda what I was going on about, the ships wreckage is a 7Zee ship
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Re: Polluted Plains

Postby Brinkie » Sun May 31, 2020 4:05 am

SlimePies wrote:Well that was kinda what I was going on about, the ships wreckage is a 7Zee ship

Oh, cool! I just didn't get that, I guess.
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