Slime suggestions (REPOST)

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Slime suggestions (REPOST)

Postby hypehypehypeahhah » Fri Jan 29, 2016 6:21 pm

How about making a Grass/Plant Slime that instead of eating food, can only "eat" sunlight when exposed to it, and can't "eat" in a cave or nightime, unless it's in a corral with Solar Shield? It could make for an interesting daylight variant of the Phosphor Slime.
On the subjet of bug-like Slimes, a Bee Slime would be nice, and making it so that instead of food, it ate Honey Plorts and dealt damage to the player if it stands too close to it for too long (and of couse, making it hover over the ground like the Phosphor Slime

And also, for a change on the subject of natural things, something like a Psychic Slime which always has it's eyes closed, that floats over the ground and pushes Slimes and the player away from it, and brings food closer to it would be an unique and unexpected addition.

Psyslime art by: SilvieSkydancer

Grass Slime by: Me
(Sorry if it looks sloppy)

Grass Slime by: Vortex164
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