Tarr Isles and Tarr King

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Tarr Isles and Tarr King

Postby PenguinKnight » Thu Apr 16, 2020 6:47 am

Long ago a far off chain of islands was discovered with dangers around every corner. These islands are known as the Tarr Isles. They have been abandoned since discovered.

How to get there: 10 days after completing the slimulation in the lab, Bob will send you a mysterious letter stating that he wants you to fix up a broken teleporter in the back of the lab. He sends the instructions for creating the Slime Orb (One of every plort and tarr bits). Once you have created it you go to the broken portal and you shoot the orb at it and bright light bursts into the sky and the portal and the warp depot are fixed. Bob now talks to you through the warp depot stating that he needs 5 tarr bits to fully activate the portal. Every time you bring a tarr bit back he gives you a random item( strange diamond, lava dust, royal jelly, manifold cube, gold plort).Once you give him all of the tarr bits the portal activates and you can visit the tarr isles.

Tarr Isles: The tarr isles consist of 10 small is,ands with one big island where there is a huge mountain and with a deadly cave. The isle is surrounded by the Black Sea which whatever enters it, never comes out. On the isles there are almost no food except a couple of prickly pear trees. The islands have grayish soil and black rocks Around the islands tarr and NEW flying tarr will spawn which shoot there venom at you. There is one secret island that is safe for the player and crystal, boom, and rad slimes can spawn here. The main part you want to go to is the cave which inside is giant open room with 4 pedestals. 3 of the pedestals you shoot tarr bits into the other one, you activate by slime key. Once you do all this the real danger emerges as cut scene happens. From behind the tarr king emerges that you have to defeat in order to escape alive.

Tarr King: Yes, the tarr king is a bossfight. The tarr king will bounce around the sides of the cave repeating an attack pattern. First, he shoots his tarr venom at you for 60 hearts of damage. If he misses a puddle of his goop will be on the ground for ten seconds slowing the player down and dealing 40 hearts of damage. His second attack he sends out a loud roar summoning two tarr to fight for him. His final attack is a dash across the cave dealing 80 hearts of damage. He repeats these attacks again and again. If you want to defeat him you must shoot water from your water at him 100 times. Don’t worry if you run out of water though, because in the center there is a small geyser to refill water. Also if you want to make the fight a little easier there are two tech spots to add hydro turrets, and med stations. After you hit him 50 times he will he will shrink in size, 4 tarr will spawn, and his attacks will get faster. The same happens at 25 hits left. Once he is defeated a cutscene will occur in which you see him blow up and you can get your rewards.

After the fight and Rewards: Once the tarr king is defeated a tarr trophy can be picked up at the spot he died and you can take this trophy back to your ranch and and place it at a tech spot. Also once completed Bob will reward you by giving you the final upgrade to the water tank. This allows you to enchant the water by pressing Q for ten seconds. This enchanted water kills tarr instantly calms feral slimes, and restores rotten plants. This power has a thirty second cool down. Also after, Bob will accept tarr bits at his warp depot that can be sold for 95 - 205. If you want to fight him again you just have to get 3 mor tarr bits and a slime key.

How to get tarr bits: Tarr have a 1/30 chance to drop tarr bits. Tarr bits are used to create the slime orb, summon the tarr king, and if you shoot tarr bits at a slime it will turn into a tarr. You can also sell tarr bits to Bob for some good money.

The Slime Orb: The slime orb is used to fix the broken teleporter behind the slime lab. They can also be used to create the rainbow teleporter, warp depot, and slime lamp.
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Re: Tarr Isles and Tarr King

Postby TheHiThereMan » Wed Apr 22, 2020 6:49 am

Bro, that's one sick concept. Nice Work.
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