Torrent Bluffs

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Torrent Bluffs

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Torrent Bluffs
“A collection of islands constantly bombarded by waves”

A collection of islands that reach high above the sea

Unlock one of the doors in either the Enchanted Thicket or Igneous Archipelago. Then fill out plort statues for Vampire, Gecko, Fungcap, Crude, Butter, and Capsaicin slimes

Slimehenge: A collection of stone pillars and the entryway into the Torrent Bluffs
Lake Llexaw: A large lake with many puddle slimes in it
Cliffs Of Slimeshire: A group of cliffs looking over the sea. Closer to the sea, you can find a Gull gordo
Ruins of Plortburg: A ruinous cave inside the cliffs behind a slime gate. Many Fae slimes live in this cave. Theres even a Fae gordo that sits on a mysterious light that when popped grows astral apples around it
Tangled Woods: A group of trees where many Mandrake slimes are located. There gordo is located here alongside a slime gate

Seasonal Progression
Winter, Winter, Fall, Summer

New Resources
Gull Slime

“Know to steal many rancher’s food”

Description: A white slime with a light blue widow’s peak top. It has an orange beak with a black tip as well as white wings with light blue tips

Secret Style: Pelican, the white on its body becomes brown while the light blue becomes purple. The beak becomes a pelican bill

Diet: Veggie

Favorite: Mimic Mandrake

Toy: Fry Box (an empty box of fries from a fast food joint)

Slimeology: Gull slimes can be seen flying high above the slime sea. They often dive into the ocean to eat seagrass however they still love a land veggie, especially mimic mandrakes. They have a rivalry with mandrake slimes and are agitated by mandrake slimes unless the slime is a gull/mandrake gordo.

Rancher Risks: A main risk for ranching gull slimes is their love of rotten food. They’ll often eat food that has rotten but when they do this, they catch the slime flu. This will quickly spread to other slimes so it’s best to keep them away from rotting food.

Plortonomics: Gull plorts are often used in conservation efforts. These plort seem to affect bacteria around them, altering their genes and causing them to crave plastic. These plorts only last for so long and after running out, the bacteria affected quickly die

Mandrake Slime
“Mimics a mimicker”

Description: A mahogany slime with leaves on its head resembling the mimic mandrake’s leaves
Secret Style: Radish, Its coloration becomes that of a real-life garden radish with its mahogany top, but its leaves do not change

Diet: Meat

Favorite: Blue Quill Hen

Toy: Pan Pipes (a pan flute made with twine and bamboo)

Slimeology: Mandrake slimes love their blue quill hens, but they often mistake gull slimes for these hens. This has started a rivalry between the 2 slimes, as both have mistaken the others for their favorite food. They don’t hate gull/mandrake largos though.

Rancher Risks: Mandrake slimes are hard to come by naturally, as they disguise themselves with mimic mandrakes to hunt for prey. When in captivity, they’ll often bury themselves underground and attract any veggie eating slime around. They will pop up if it happens to be a Gull Slime

Plortonomics: Mandrake plorts aren’t very useful, but due to mandrake slimes being quite rare they are valued as and elite product. Often adorning mantle pieces or turned into jewelry, they can be seen in many elite homes. Even though, they are never valued as much as gold plorts

Fae Slime
“Mischievous nature spirits-I mean slimes”

Description: A green slime with a white lily on its head and pure white eyes.

Secret Style: Hibiscus, it becomes pink and its white lily is replaced by a yellow hibiscus

Diet: Fruit

Favorite: Astral Apple

Toy: Fairy Ring (an ornate, golden ring)

Slimeology: Fae slimes are an increasingly odd slime. They love the full moon and get less agitated at night. It is completely unknown as to why, as they don’t have any problem with sunlight. Another thing is their wisps. These mysterious glowing balls of energy have unknown origins inside the slime. It seems however, that these wisps come out more at night or when agitated.

Rancher Risks: The wisps created by this slime are a handful. During the day, these wisps have the ability to levitate objects that touch them. The only thing immune are fae slimes, fae plorts, and astral apples. When the fae slimes are in dark areas or under the moonlight, the wisps actually teleport whatever touches them. It may not be that far, but it can reach into corrals if close enough. This makes fae slimes extremely hard to ranch

Plortonomics: These plorts are bought by scientists to discover what force controls the wisps. The current belief is that it is generated inside the slime but weakened by UV radiation. Conspiracy theorists also go wild for these plorts as many conspiracies revolve around them some way or another.

Mimic Mandrake
“A master of vegetable disguise”

Description: A mahogany mandrake

Favored By: Gull Slime

Seasons: Winter

Entry: The mimic mandrake is a unique plant. Not only does it mimic other veggies, but it invades their garden plots. When in a ranch expansion with a mimic mandrake farm, other vegetable plots will have some of their vegetables be mimic mandrakes in disguise. This can be quite an annoying crop loss so its best to keep them separate from other veggies.

Astral Apple
“The entire night sky is on this apple”

Description: A metallic, dark blue apple with many white spots and stars on it. Its wild trees only grow once the fae gordo is popped and they have curly branches and no leaves

Favored By: Fae Slime

Seasons: Fall

Entry: The astral apple is a rare fruit on the far far range, its rarity is due to the fact that its seeds need lots of energy to grow. The ones you have on your farm will even need lightning to strike its lightning rods before it even grows. The night sky is always reflected on this fruit, even if none is visible.

Blue Quill Hen
“Looks oddly like a gull slime”

Description: A hen with the patterns of a gull slime

Favored By: Mandrake Slime

Entry: These hens naturally mimicked gull slimes so that mandrake slimes wouldn’t eat them, but all its done is cause mandrake slimes to behave more violently to both gull slimes, and blue quill hens

Blue Quill Chickadoo
“A very scrappy chick”

Description: A chickadoo with the colors of a blue quill hen

New Slime Science Gadgets
Rugged Rocks

Class: Decoration
Materials: Gull Plort x7, Salt Crystals x8, Rock Plort x12
Effect: None

Bashed Rocks
Class: Decoration
Materials: Gull Plort x8, Salt Crystals x10, Rad Plort x6
Effect: None

Sea Spire
Class: Decoration
Materials: Gull Plort x10, Salt Crystals x12, Crystal Plort x8
Effect: None

Fae Ruins
Class: Decoration
Materials: Fae Plort x8, Royalflower Honey x7, Honey Plort x9
Effect: None

Fae Henge
Class: Decoration
Materials: Fae Plort x9, Royalflower Honey x10, Quantum Plort x11
Effect: None

Fairy Grass
Class: Decoration
Materials: Royalflower Honey x6, Fae Plort x6, Phosphor Plort x8
Effect: None

Deep Wood Tree
Class: Decoration
Materials: Mandrake Plort x7, Petroleum Jelly x8, Boom Plort x10
Effect: None

Deep Wood Ruins
Class: Decoration
Materials: Mandrake Plort x8, Petroleum Jelly x9, Hunter Plort x7
Effect: None

Deep Wood Shrub
Class: Decoration
Materials: Mandrake Plort x9, Petroleum Jelly x6, Tangle Plort x3
Effect: None

Slimes: Pink, Rock, Tabby, Phosphor, Puddle, Gull, Mandrake, Fae
Fruit: Pogofruit, Cuberry, Mint Mango, Astral Apple
Veggies: Carrot, Heart Beet, Mimic Mandrake
Meat: Hen Hen, Rostro, Chickadoo, Stony Hen, Stony Chickadoo, Blue Quill Hen, Blue Quill Chickadoo
Drill: Jellystone, Slime Fossil, Strange Diamond
Pump: Primordy Oil, Spiral Steam, Lava Dust
Apiary: Buzz Wax, Hexacomb, Royal Jelly
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