Star Slime + Space Slime + Rocket Pad + Space Station

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Star Slime + Space Slime + Rocket Pad + Space Station

Postby OscarSkeels » Sat Jan 18, 2020 9:15 am

To unlock the Rocket Pad You must:
Complete The Game
Sell Every Plort
Buy New Air Tank

Once you have Unlocked the Rocket Pad you can buy Each component with around 1000 Newbucks
Rocket Thrusters
Engine Capsule
Fuel Tank
Pilot Capsule

Then you can Blast off to SPACE!
You will arrive at the Space Station in an Air Lock
On Your HUD you can now find an Air Indicator
Then you can venture out in Space using your Jetpack to Explore


In Space you can find floating Ice Cubes Containing lots of Goodies or An Evil Tar Slime
You cannot Shoot it with Water because it will Freeze up and dissapear You can also find Space and Star Slimes Here

Star Slime

This Slime is Blazing Hot and will do Damage if touched
It will Spawn Particles Rather like a Mosaic Slime But Will Heat up And fill up a Heat Bar like A Rad Slime
It Eats Space Dust

Space Dust

You Can Aquire Space Dust By Collecting space Rocks Which Spawn and float around shoot these at a Hard surface and they will smash into dust which can then be Collected

Space Slime

The Most Common Slime of Space and has most properties of a pink slime Except they can Become feral
and eat Anything in its path.

Also Taking Damage Takes rid of air so be careful and also Running out of air will instantly Knock you out
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