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PS. This uses stuff from my "Lune Lotus Lakes" and "Slime Seasons" ideas

“A slime-filled quagmire”

The water in this quagmire has slime in it. It is always sheltered by trees and it is extremely dark. Meaning phosphor slimes spawn earlier in the day.

Fill all meteor slime statues, activating the portal here

Quicksand Quagmire: A large collection of quick sand, in which you have to fly to escape, It has a mud gordo

Feral Quag: A path with frog/nigiri ferals, it has a frog gordo

Murky Pond: A deep pool of muddy water, it has a nigiri gordo on the bottom of it

Seasonal Progression
Summer, Summer, Summer, Summer

New Resources
Frog Slime
“Toad-aly slippery and a-newt-ly slimey”

Description: A lime slime with a bigger mouth and two large, yellow eyes on lobes located above the face

Secret Style: Boreal, color becomes paler, gains a white underside, eyes become red

Diet: Meat

Favorite: Fen Hen

Slimeology: The frog slime lives in many wet environments, meaning high humidity doesn’t affect it. But due to its habitats, its exterior layer is much thinner and results in an increased sensitivity to low humidity

Rancher Risks: Like its earth cousins, the frog slime has an increased leaping ability. It also has an enlonged tongue it can use to steal food from other corrals. Combine these and an easy to escape slime that can wreak havoc is yours to keep

Plotonomics: Frog plorts are surprisingly stretchy, water-proof, and electrically insulated, even though the frog slime isn’t. Because of this, its often used as a rubber replacement

Nigiri Slime
“A little pokey….and toxic”

Description: A purple slime with a teal circle around its mouth and purple spikes in its head

Secret Style: Tropical, purple becomes yellow, teal becomes brighter, gains brown around its eyes

Diet: Veggie

Favorite: Sog Radish

Slimeology: The nigiri slime is a dangerous slime often found in water. These purple slimes need a lot of moisture to survive and thus require a humidifier installed in their corrals.

Rancher Risks: The sharp spikes on the nigiri slime are extremely sharp and venomous. When pricked by the spike on its head, ranchers often start feeling sick. More pricks will cause even more sickness and sometimes, being knocked out

Plortonomics: The plorts of the nigiri slime are what gives this slime its name. They are often used as mock pufferfish on pufferfish nigiri because in recent years, the declining pufferfish population has caused its meat to skyrocket. The meat is so authentic, it can even kill you! Just like real pufferfish

Mud Slime
“Very, very messy”

Description: A dirt brown slime with grass on its head

Secret Style: Podzol, becomes yellower with withered grass

Diet: Fruit

Favorite: Crimson Grapes

Slimeology: Mud slimes are very damp slimes. They often bury themselves in mud as camouflage. Grass loves growing on mud slimes and can often be found on their heads

Rancher Risks: Mud slimes constantly make mud. The amounts of mud they make is often to little for the to bury themselves in them but its still enough to aggravate other types of slimes

Plortonomics: Mud plorts are filled with nutrients and minerals and make a great soil when paired with tangle fertilizer

Fen Hen
“A little green, like an ogre”

Description: A green hen hen, its nests are all muddy

Type: Meat

Favored By: Frog Slime

Entry: These green hens live deep in swamps. They are the only hen that can trudge through a mud slime’s mud and a favored by frog slimes. Nigiri slime poison doesn’t affect them either

Fen Chickadoo
“Slightly sickly”

Description: A pale green chickadoo

Type: Future Meat

Sog Radish
“Soggy to the core”

Description: A brown garden radish, its leaves are emerald

Favored By: Nigiri Slime

Seasons: Spring, Summer

Entry: Sog radishes live in very muddy soil. Sprinklers are advised to grow them or else they will wilther away

Crimson Grapes
“Dio-nicely tart”

Description: A collection of bright-red grapes, its tree is actually a dark-green vine

Favored By: Mud Slime

Seasons: Summer, Fall

Entry: Crimson grapes grow on vines deep within the swamps of the far, far range. They are very tart and require lots of nutrients and minerals to grow, meaning nutrient soil is required to grow them

New Slime Science Gadgets
Hydro Shower
Class: Utility
Materials: 8 mud plorts, 10 slime fossils, 9 puddle plorts
Effects: Causes tarr to take damage in a wide area around it when activated, the needs to recharge

Class: Utility
Materials: 7 frog plorts, 3 battery packs, 10 buzz wax
Effects: Allows you to deconstruct built gadgets

Fire Shield
Class: Utility
Materials: 9 nigiri plorts, 10 spiral steam, 12 manifold cubes
Effects: Protects from fire storms, glints, and overheating

Swamp Tree
Class: Decoration
Materials: 10 frog plorts, 8 hexacomb, 20 tangle plorts
Effect: None

Swamp Grass
Class: Decoration
Materials: 5 frog plorts, 16 buzz wax, 10 tangle plorts
Effect: None

Swamp Rock
Class: Decoration
Materials: 12 mud plorts, 20 rock plorts, 6 slime fossils
Effect: None

Swamp Coral Columns
Class: Decoration
Materials: 10 mud plorts, 20 pink plorts, 6 hexacomb
Effect: None

Swamp Ruins
Class: Decoration
Materials: 13 nigiri plorts, 15 quantum plorts, 14 silky sand
Effect: None

Swamp Sconce
Class: Decoration
Materials: 15 nigiri plorts, 8 crystal plorts, 2 strange diamonds
Effect: None

Slimes: Pink, Rock, Tabby, Phosphor, Puddle, Frog, Nigiri, Mud
Fruit: Pogofruit, Cuberry, Crimson Grapes
Veggies: Carrot, Heart Beet, Sog Radish
Meat: Hen Hen, Rostro, Chickadoo, Stony Hen, Stony Chickadoo, Briar Hen, Briar Chickadoo, Fen Hen, Fen Chickadoo
Drill: Jellystone, Slime Fossil, Strange Diamond
Pump: Primordy Oil, Spiral Steam, Lava Dust
Apiary: Buzz Wax, Hexacomb, Royal Jelly
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