Thora Ocean slimes

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Thora Ocean slimes

Postby Lucas4001MC » Sat Oct 19, 2019 7:41 pm

Ocean slime

Water, water and ... water?

Diet: Algae

Favorite: Firazca

Slimeology: The ocean slime is a slime that, like the slime puddle, lives in water only in much deeper water, The dorma of this slime is similar to a puffer fish but with black and purple heat

Rancher Risks: Not much is known about these slimes since they only meet Thora, the only thing that is known is that if you get too close they can inflate and hurt the rancher

Plortnomics: Thora sells very expensive ocean plorts because she only has those slimes but it is unknown what more utilities she gives them

Firazca In the ocean there are not only algae or yes?

Kind : Algae

The preferred of:
Slime ocean

About : You can know that the reason why this is the favorite seaweed of the slime ocean may be that the scientists slime there found that this is the sweetest seaweed of all

In the ranch : You can't take this to your ranch
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