Lune Lotus Lakes

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Lune Lotus Lakes

Postby SlimePies » Fri Oct 18, 2019 7:07 pm

This uses ideas from my "slime seasons" and "frost prairie" ideas, it also take some inspiration from don't starve together's lunar island. Also my next idea will be my biggest one yet

Lune Lotus Lakes
“An island from the midnight sky”

A meteorite from space that crashed into the far far range. It eventually became an island. It has purple crystals on land and white lune lotuses on the water

Fill all chill slime statues, activating the portal here

Sub Areas
Great Lune Lake: A giant lake filled with puddle slimes and huge lune lotuses

Luneflower Meadow: An area off the main path with lots of luneflowers

Lesser Lune Lake: A smaller lake filled with smaller lotuses

Lunetree Forest: A forest of stumpy lunetrees with white blossoms

Palegrass Path: A path leading to the oddly overgrown portal, It has meteor gordo around a slime key

Oddly Overgrown Portal: A portal blocked by a slime gate, has 5 meteor statues around it

Seasonal Progression
Spring, Spring, Spring, Spring

New Resources
Meteor Slime
“It’s such a star it pulls you in”

Description: A purple slime with a yellow, five-pointed star in front

Secret Style: Glimmer, Star becomes silver with 6-points while main color becomes black

Diet: Meat

Favorite: Creamy Hen

Slimeology: The meteor slime is thought to be from space. This slime can survive in the vacuums of space and thus temperatures and humidity cannot effect it. This is quite helpful for many ranchers out there

Rancher Risks: Meteor slimes are known for having an odd, metal core inside their bodies. Over time, the metal starts reacting strangely and soon the slime will suck up everything around it, including other slimes, in a strong gravitational pull. After a few second of the strong pull, the core will reverse its effects and violently launch everything around it away. This is always inevitable and can never be avoided, only temporarily prevented by a splash of water.

Plortonomics: Meteor plorts are very useful in gravity-altering technology due to retaining a bit of the pull the slime has

Creamy Hen
“Not pre-buttered”

Description: Like a regular hen hen, but with cream colored feathers. Its nests have white petals near them

Type: Meat

Favored By: Meteor Slime

Entry: The creamy hen is very much alike to hen hens in appearance, but very different in genetics. This is probably due to their immunity to the meteor slimes’ gravitational pull. Other than that, the difference baffles scientists

Creamy Chickadoo
“They always look spooked, poor things”

Description: A chickadoo that is white instead of yellow

Type: Future Meat

New Slime Science Gadgets
Lavender Warp Depot
Class: Warp Tech
Materials: Pepper Jam x3, Meteor Plort x20, Slime Fossil x3, Lava Dust x1
Effect: Same as other warp depots

Lavender Teleporter
Class: Warp Tech
Materials: Strange Diamond x1, Hexacomb x5, Pepper Jam x10, Meteor Plort x25
Effect: Same as other teleporters

Lavender Slime Lamp
Class: Decoration
Materials: Primordy Oil x8, Pepper Jam x8, Meteor Plort x12, Phosphor Plort x12
Effect: Same as other slime lamps, but produces lavender light

Lavender Firework
Class: Curio
Materials: Pepper Jam x3, Meteor Plort x2, Battery Pack x1
Effect: Same as other fireworks, but produces a lavender mortar

Class: Decoration
Materials: Tangle Plort x10, Meteor Plort x15, Royal Jelly x2
Effect: None

Lune Flower Patch
Class: Decoration
Materials: Meteor Plort x12, Puddle Plort x18, Wild Honey x23
Effect: None

Land Lune Lotus
Class: Decoration
Materials: Meteor Plort x12, Deep Brine x15, Puddle Plort x9, Spiral Steam x6
Effect: None

Lune Rock
Class: Decoration
Materials: Slime Fossil x10, Indigonium x12, Meteor Plort x18
Effect: None

Lunetree Sapling
Class: Decoration
Materials: Tangle Plort x5, Meteor Plort x8, Royal Jelly x1
Effect: None

Slimes: Pink, Tabby, Rock, Phosphor, Puddle, Meteor
Fruit: Pogofruit, Cuberry
Veggies: Carrot, Heart Beet
Meat: Hen Hens, Chickadoos, Rosteros, Stony Hens, Stony Chickadoos, Creamy Hens, Creamy Chickadoos
Drill: Jellystone, Slime Fossil, Strange Diamond
Pump: Primordy Oil, Spiral Steam, Lava Dust
Apiary: Buzz Wax, Hexacomb, Royal Jelly
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Re: Lune Lotus Lakes

Postby spritelessGirl » Mon Dec 02, 2019 3:53 pm

Wow, so much extra info about the environment! It feels really complete.
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