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Rad Slime Revolution

Postby nmn2003 » Fri Aug 23, 2019 8:49 pm

Rad Slimes harm Beatrix only, making them identical to the Pink Slime in an undisturbed environment in the sense that they have no special behavior or slime-to-slime interactions.

Rad slimes could mutate slimes around them, with some possible limitations.
1. Rad Slimes and Rad Largos are not affected by Rad auras.
e.g. Rad Slime and Rad Tabby will not mutate themselves or each other.
2. Slimes that mutate transform into other slimes indigenous to the cell (Cannot mutate into Rads).
e.g. In a cell where Pinks, Booms, Rocks, and Rads spawn, Pinks, Booms, and Rocks can transform into each other, while Rads remain Rad and while Pinks, Booms, and Rocks remain Nonrad (not considering plorts)
3. In the case of a Largo, one of its traits is mutated.
e.g. In the same cell as last example, a pink boom mutates into a rock boom.
4. Delicate slimes, such as the puddle and phosphor, can only come from a mutation in the right environment.
e.g. a pink slime in a pond mutates into a puddle slime.

These are all coarse ideas for giving the Rad Slime a new look.
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