Greek myth slimes part 2

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Greek myth slimes part 2

Postby QuantumTangle23 » Sun Aug 11, 2019 1:27 pm

Does anyone remember my old greek myth slime topic?

This will be released in several parts.

Well I couldn't come up with anything, but I finally did!

This will also probably be the last part. Sorry.

New area: Jellderworld

These dark caves were once said to have been where slimes went after they fell into the slime sea. We now know that is completely ridiculous and they spring out wherever instead. It can be accessed through the moss blanket.

New slime: Hades slime

Slimeology: The Hades slime was once said to be evil, and consumed slimes for breakfast. We now know that they just prefer to be alone. We also know that they prefer to eat Ghostly Gourds, so that's
probably why.

Rancher risks: The Hades slime is a risky slime to ranch, due to being alone. If near over 10 slimes, then they will always be upset, and over 15, will become feral. If over 20, then they will refuse to eat at all, and will try to escape the corral.

Plortonomics: Hades Plorts are used as a paint, with the color being "a really, really dark purple". Some people believe they are bad luck, but nothing has ever happened... right?

Diet: Fruit/Veggie
Favorite: Ghostly Gourd
Toy: Terrifying Tombstone

New slime: Cerberus slime

Slimeology: The Cerberus slime can be found at the entrance to the Jellderworld, but no one knows why. Some people think they guard the entrance. Others believe they like the delicious Hen hens that live there.

Rancher risks: These tough slimes have three "Faces" thereby needing three times the amount of food to make a plort. Fortunately, they love their favorite food so much that they only need to eat one!

Plortonomics: Cerberus plorts have no known usage, however recently the company 7Z---#*%THIS MESSAGE HAS BEEN INTERRUPTED BY THE 7ZEE CORP*&# of these yet.

Diet: Meat
Favorite: Stinky hen
Toy: Toy Turkey

I hope you like it!
Quantum tangles are the hardest slimes to ranch.

But who can say no to that cute little face?
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