Crystal Bridges

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Crystal Bridges

Postby SlimePies » Fri Aug 09, 2019 10:04 am

So since a lot of people liked my slime seasons, this post will have information that is related to that topic. Also I am copying off a word doc so sorry again for any inconsistencies

Crystal Bridges
“High up cliffs connected by glamorous bridges”

A collection of high “islands” with encrusted vine-like bridges connecting the cliffs of each “island”

Paid for access by the 7Zee corporation, must have unlocked every ranch expansion, including the npc’s expansions. It adds a teleporter at the end of the docks

Sub Areas
Colossal Heights: The highest cliffs in the crystal bridges. Where you start

Diamond Bluffs: Cliffs accessed from the colossal heights. Large diamonds eject from the ground here

Puddle Pillar: An “island” of the diamond bluffs with a pond where puddles spawn

Bejeweled Orchard: A large “island” accessed from the diamond bluffs. Has less diamonds, but a lot of fruit trees. It has a puff gordo that sits on a teleporter home

Glimmering Platform: An “island” accessed from the bejeweled orchard with a mysterious, opal-like circle on the ground and several puff slime statues

Seasonal Progression
Fall, Fall, Fall, Fall

New Resources
Puff Slime
“A mixture of fluff and slime”
Description: A white slime with puffs on top of its head like a rock slime
Secret Style: Dandelion. Color turns green and puffs turn translucent cream
Diet: Fruit
Favorite: Encrusted Citrus
Slimeology: The puff slime is a species of slims perfectly adapted to life on the crystal bridges. They are light like clouds and have soft fluff on their heads that are surprisingly good at catching updrafts. These combined means that they often float around like phosphor slimes
Rancher Risks: The fluff of a puff slime constantly grows and sheds, causing fluff to form in large piles on the ground. These piles are adhesive and can float through corral walls. Once they’ve re-landed, they can attach to objects or even other slimes and cause them to float about. This can help some slimes escape easier
Plotonomics: The plorts puff slimes produce are very light like they slime they come from. This combined with the fabric-like structure of these plorts makes them an amazing fabric substitute and can be quite airy or insulated when treated with proper chemicals

Encrusted Citrus
“A little hard to chew”
Description: It appears to be an indigo orange with diamonds going around the center. The trees have white leaves in a circle shape and deep brown bark with diamonds on them
Type: Fruit
Favored By: Puff Slime
Seasons: Fall
Entry: The encrusted citrus are only know to grow in carbon-rich soils, specifically the soil of the crystal bridges. The carbon is used to create the amazing orangey taste, and excess amounts form on a ring around the center of the fruit

New Slime Science Gadgets
White Warp Depot
Class: Warp Tech
Materials: Silky Sand x3, Puff Plort x20, Slime Fossil x3, Lava Dust x1
Effect: Same as other warp depots

White Teleporter
Class: Warp Tech
Materials: Strange Diamond x1, Hexacomb x5, Silky Sand x10, Puff Plort x25
Effect: Same as other teleporters

White Slime Lamp
Class: Decoration
Materials: Primordy Oil x8, Silky Sand x8, Puff Plort x12, Phosphor Plort x12
Effect: Same as other slime lamps, but produces white light

White Firework
Class: Curio
Materials: Silky Sand x3, Puff Plort x2, Battery Pack x1
Effect: Same as other fireworks, but produces a white mortar

Barren Rocks
Class: Decoration
Materials: Puff Plort x10, Rock Plort x25, Slime Fossil x10
Effect: None

Diamond Spire
Class: Decoration
Materials: Puff Plort x10, Crystal Plort x15, Strange Diamond x2, Indigonium x5
Effect: None

Crystal Grass Patch
Class: Decoration
Materials: Puff Plort x2, Deep Brine x5, Tangle Plort x5
Effect: None

Crystal Coral Columns
Class: Decoration
Materials: Puff Plort x8, Pink Plort x20, Silky Sand x15, Rock Plort x5
Effect: None

Barren Yucca Tree
Class: Decoration
Materials: Puff Plort x10, Puddle Plort x15, Buzz Wax x20
Effect: None

Slimes: Pink, Tabby, Rock, Phosphor, Puddle, Puff
Fruit: Pogofruit, Cuberry Encrusted Citrus
Veggies: Carrot, Heart Beet
Meat: Hen Hens, Chickadoos, Rosteros, Stony Hens, Stony Chickadoos
Drill: Jellystone, Slime Fossil, Strange Diamond
Pump: Primordy Oil, Spiral Steam, Lava Dust
Apiary: Buzz Wax, Hexacomb, Royal Jelly
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