The Further Further Range- Slime Rancher 2 (WIP, NOT DONE)

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The Further Further Range- Slime Rancher 2 (WIP, NOT DONE)

Postby Fishkeeper » Thu Jul 18, 2019 3:09 pm

I had enough ideas that I decided to just go ahead and make an entire new game.

The Further Further Range is a new, much more remote portion of the planet that slimes live on. It's meant to be a sort of sequel, where only the most experienced ranchers ever go, largely unexplored and very wild.

When you arrive, you find that you do have a Ranch House, but it's covered in vines. Your Ranch has 8-9 plots on it to start with, but the plots are taken over by wilderness. You have to vac a lot of loose vines off, and will gather a lot of Vine Scraps in the process. One plot is taken up by a Pink Gordo, which you'll have to feed to get rid of, and there are chickens running around loose.
The edges of the main ranch, instead of being cliffs, are trees and vines woven together so tightly that they form an impenetrable wall. The massive, ancient trees arch overhead, filtering the light down to mottled, and most of the sky isn't very well visible. There's a secret pathway of branches you can jetpack to, in order to climb up to a large gap in the 'ceiling', and if you manage to get on top of the huge dome that covers your ranch you can find a Treasure Pod containing a design for a mini version of the overarching trees. The whole place somewhat resembles a very thick, ancient jungle, with a couple of fruit trees hanging off the wall, and your whole house is a patch which you can periodically vac to collect Vine Scraps.

Your main ranch has a possible 6 sections to unlock.
Your first section is the one you get when you start off, described above.
Your second section resembles the darker areas of the Primordial Forest, and includes one small built-in Tarr Pit, which is much less alarming than it sounds. It also includes some loose chickens, and a couple more plant patches growing freely. It has the same overarching trees as your main expansion, but also a number of large, hanging vines, which you can climb, and a few big mushrooms. A couple of wild slimes are probably in here when you first unlock it.
Your third section is akin to the Crystalline Depths. It's a cave, and will be described further in my post about the Crystalline Depths.
Your fourth section is out past your jungle section, and looks like you're on the edge of a sheer cliff. It will also be described in the post for the Billowing Heights.
Your fifth section is akin to the Snowpack Mountains, and will be described there. Lots of snow. It's probably only accessible by a portal unless you want to take the long way, though you do get a free portal.
Your sixth section is akin to the Hidden Sea, accessible only by a free portal. It's partially underwater, and is actually 2 parts.

This game contains 5 new zones.
The Primordial Forest is the first area you walk into, and will be described below. From there, you can get out to the Snowpack Mountains, the Crystalline Depths, the Billowing Heights, and the Hidden Sea. I won't describe those here, it'd get too long, but I will link the posts for them below. So far, I only have the Hidden Sea written up.

I am saving the rest of this post for later. The Primordial Forest will be described in the next post.
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Re: The Further Further Range- Slime Rancher 2 (WIP, NOT DON

Postby Fishkeeper » Thu Jul 18, 2019 4:11 pm

(WIP, I need to eat dinner and gather my ideas.)

The Primordial Forest is a wild and strange place, dominated by massive vines and trees that seem to seek to block the light from everything below. The plant and fungal life below the canopy is adapted to grow well in dim lights, or to climb the huge trees in hopes of one day reaching the sun. The mist trapped by the great trees ensures that the whole area remains well-dampened, and the great amount of available moisture is what enables the area to stay so green.

The slimes primarily found in the Primordial Forest are a mix of the familiar and the strange. Tabby and Hunter slimes stalk the plentiful meals between the ferns, the strange Decay slimes in tow, and Sweethearts nibble on plants. Bizarrely, Saber Largos can rarely be found, well-fed and content amongst the others.

Slimes in the Primordial Forest:
Saber Largo (rarely)
Tarr Puddle
Phosphor (night)

Vine Scraps
Sugar Cherries
Stone Hen Hens + Roosters

Tarr Bin
Tarr Bin reservoir

The Primordial Forest is a deep jungle, dark and quiet, full of fern patches and glowing fungus. The first area you get into mostly has familiar slimes, and several chicken nests on high overhangs. It, like the other areas of the Forest, may have wild Saber Largos present. These are rare finds, almost rarer than Hunters, but they aren't feral when you find them. There are huge ferns here, taller than you, which slimes can hide inside. The ferns rustle when a slime is inside, and Q-blasting or vaccing a fern will dislodge the slime. Your best bet at finding Saber Largos is in these ferns, and there is a very slight chance of any given fern containing a Lucky slime.

Next is a hidden clearing, with open sky overhead, full of bright flowers and a few wild Sugar Cherry trees. It mostly contains Sweethearts, and has a pond in the center, with floating petals decorating it among the Puddle slimes. The trees in this clearing are laced with what look like orchids, and there are at least two hidden Treasure Pods to find and get decorations. There are also several large patches of vines, which can be vacced to pull out Vine Scraps.

A Decay Gordo is tucked into an alcove in the wall, and can be popped to get into an area that goes much deeper and darker. There are a great deal of fallen logs and large mushrooms here, some of the logs hollow enough for a small slime to get inside, and the whole area is dimly lit with the occasional glowing crystal tucked here and there. This area is the best place to find Decay slimes. It also has a puddle of black, rainbow-shimmering gloop set off to one side, which slimes will avoid, as this is a Tarr pool.
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