[Slime Suggestion] Neon Slime

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[Slime Suggestion] Neon Slime

Postby OreRancher » Fri Jan 29, 2016 4:45 pm

Plorts starting value should be 14.

There could be a new addition to the game where there could be wires leading in to your house for electricity, but sometimes the wires could break and pop up from the ground, leading to neon slimes spawning there. Then you could fix those wires, etc., etc. I don't care if the devs change it.

The 'Neon Slime'

It's like a Tarr... but inside out. Kinda shocking.

Diet: Electricity
(A way you would get this is from Star'slist (craiglist hue), because I want to keep the Neon Slime a ~day 40 slime, so putting an "Electrical Socket" upgrade would let everyone now there's a slime having to do with electricity. I don't really care if the devs add this, just an idea.)

Favorite: None

Slimeology: These slimes were first discovered by a rancher named Albertt Sleimsten, hence the crazy hair, these slimes are made of pure neon (the element) on the inside, held in by a sticky, concentrated, plasma barrier. These slimes can discharge up to 150 volts in a matter of 500 milliseconds, the amount of which could put you in a coma! (takes ~90 health, did some research read that 300 volts throughout the body in milliseconds can kill someone so halved the voltage, so don't discriminate me on science ;-;)

Possible Threats to Ranchers: Threats are obvious, touch them, you get shocked, but you can negate these effects by wearing gloves of a good insulator. (New upgrade for rubber gloves.)

Possible plortonomics: The plort from this electrifying fella' can produce up to the voltage needed for a whole city back on earth! Though neon (the element) can't be used for everything on earth, some people have been trying to convert it for a *nudge nudge* universal electrical power source.

Basic Summary

-Is electric.

-Can't put in pond, if you accidentally throw a neon slime, or neon plort in a pond, electricity will start arching in it, it is now unusable and dangerous, best bet is demolish it.

-They look like chroma keyboards. As in colors will roatate throughout their body, but instead of the darker colors they would be neon-ified.

-If not careful the slimes can travel through the electrical currents.

-Do not put other slimes in the same corral as them, you don't want cute jiggly things to become... puddles of cute jiggly things ;-;

-Plorts must be handles with care.

-You also need to lace the vacpack's nozzle and storage compartment with an insulator material to vac these slimes up.

First topic hope you enjoy!
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Re: [Slime Suggestion] Neon Slime

Postby Yukionnal » Fri Jan 29, 2016 5:54 pm

Kewl slimes brah
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