Viktor's troubles

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Viktor's troubles

Postby rorya01 » Sat Jun 29, 2019 7:42 pm

I thought of an idea, if you meet certain requirements you could unlock mini missions (side quests) from characters.
Viktor's troubles,
Unlocked by completing the slimeulation deposits and collecting each pod.
You will get a message from Viktor saying this.
"Hello Beatrix, thank you for helping me with the slimeulation, before I start to repeat my thanks, I'd like you to come to the lab once more. I have a bit of troubling news."
Once you go to the lab you can talk to him on the trading centre.
"Thank you Beatrix for coming. I'll get straight to the point, recently a Gordo was created in the slimeulation. Not only is this the first Gordon in the slimeulation, it is also a glitch slime! I need more info on it, it's quite rare and has few locations it can drop in. I use this acronym for remembrance Dry Mushroom Blanket, don't ask. I don't know what it eats but if you figure it out that's a good step! Good luck Beatrix!"
Feed it food in the slimeulation to pop it, once it does you'll be tossed out of the slimeulation.
Talk to Viktor again.
"You won't believe what happened! That Gordo that popped brought a live, bouncy, Glitch slime in my lab! What's that? It crashed the slimeulation? Hmm I'll have it up by tommorow. But on the bright side every Gordo you pop I'll give you 5000 new bucks! Just, I guess they crash the slimeulation for the day heh. Well I can't thank you enough Ms Lebeaux thank you."
That's all for the side quest, Viktor will also have new trading centre dialogue.
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