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Dumb Idea: Electronic Headset

PostPosted: Wed Jun 26, 2019 8:20 pm
by RadSlime3000
Electronic Headset

A Item that is rewarded through a pod in victor's lab, and can be placed at any Gadget Spot, and can only be used when your inventory is empty.

When Used, you get sent to a virtual recreation of the Slime Paradise (The island you can find the Gilded Secret Style on), half-made and full of "Fixed" Glitch Slimes. these specific ones will not duplicate or dissapear.
if Monomi agrees with this next part, and that's in the rare chance they implement this idea in the first place, then you might be able to find a glitch Gordo, a "culmination" of a plethora of glitches. simply standing near it will distort spaces on your screen to be more pixelated. it cannot be popped.

Nothing aside from glitch slimes (and the occasional dry reef slime) can be found in this area. no other slimes, no treasure pods. It's basically just a glitch slime playground for those who want to mess around with em but not be disturbed by other things. such as digitarr.