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Slime Ideas

Postby Quasardian » Fri Jan 29, 2016 4:26 pm

Forest Slime
-Hard to find, because they grow grass/foliage around them

Ghost Slime
-Invisible at day
-Sometimes come out at night to (jump)scare you

Electric Slime
-Can hurt you when they are annoyed
-Can disable the slime cage temporary

Snow Slime
-Hard to find (they hide in the snow/ in a blizzard)
-Leave a snow trail

Sticky Slime
-Can't jump
-Stick to other slimes, other slimes can try to break free, sticky slimes tend to stick together(unless the pile is getting too big)

Poison Slime
-Hurt you
-Can make other slimes sick
-One type of food is also antidote

Leader? Slime
-Makes other slimes follow them
-They fight together against enemies


Gold slime (changed)
-Hard to find
-Able to catch
-The one type of food they eat is almost just as hard to find as a gold slime
-Food 10-20 times harder to farm as regular food (high chance of failing to farm)

Big Slime, Boom Slime and Puddle Slime (changed)
-Non explosive
-Hot steam coming out of the slime
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Re: Slime Ideas

Postby Yukionnal » Fri Jan 29, 2016 5:56 pm

I agree that would be nice
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