Smog Slimes

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Smog Slimes

Postby Lightvsdark777 » Fri Sep 09, 2022 4:28 am

Smog Slime

Diet: Meat

Favorite food: Grouse Hen

Favorite toy: Fake Tarr (Reduces agitation of nearby slimes, especially Smog Slimes who probably think this plush is the cutest thing ever.)

Slimeology: Noted for their razor-sharp, needle-like teeth, these dark grey slimes are not very popular choices to ranch because of their emotionless faces, antisocial personalities, vicious bites, and generally being escape artists. Unlike other slimes, smog slimes actually enjoy the presence of a scareslime and will actively snuggle up to it if they get the chance. But they'll flee from real Tarr though. Though their antisocialness can be remedied by feeding them a tabby or hunter plort, that won't stop them from blowing smoke.

Rancher risks: Like tangle slimes, smog slimes can be a handful on the ranch if they're not well-fed at all times. Smog slimes earned their named because of how they hunt prey, which is by blowing a lot of smoke at their prey to blind them and create a huge smoke cloud that causes other slimes to go into coughing fits. Other smog slimes aren't affected by each other's smoke clouds, including smog largos! When slimes cough because of the smoke cloud, their agitation rapidly increases, causing more boom slime explosions, crystal slime spikes, and all around jumpiness.

Plortonomics: The plorts of smog slimes are full of the same noxious smoke that the slimes blow at prey and are commonly used in smoke grenades by the military.
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