(FINAL Version) Steampunk Slimes, Mesa Mesh and More!

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(FINAL Version) Steampunk Slimes, Mesa Mesh and More!

Postby jarethverens » Sun Jul 07, 2019 2:28 pm

Some of these ideas went through a few changes over time on the forums, These will be the final changes, and the biggest.

ZONE:The Mesa Mesh

The Mesa Mesh is a large island around the size of the Indigo Quarry that is mostly made of clay and metals, and being home to the elusive Steampunk Slimes and loads of devices which their origins are one of the biggest mysteries of the Mesa Mesh...

SLIMES:Steampunk Slimes
The Steampunk Slime is one that baffles Slime Scientists a lot, being half Slime and half weaponized machine, it's unknown if their existence was just pure luck or by the actions of an engineer...
Their behavior is also very unique, as apparently they have programming that makes them go towards Tarr to attack them with their Laser Eye, it seems to work considering that even Miners stay away from the Mesa Mesh.
They might also attack Ranchers that they don't recognize, until they're given some food, which will make them no longer assume the Rancher a Threat and allow themselves to be vac-ed up.
Making Steampunk Largos, is surprisingly possible, but more difficult, due to the machinery they have and the programming, you can't get a Largo from feeding a Pure Steampunk Slime a plort, they just won't eat it, instead you need to feed another Pure slime a Steampunk Plort, this could be an advantage as well, since then you can have any type of Slime in a Coral as long as they are part-Steampunk, though sadly, because of this method, Steampunk-Sabers can't happen, sorry folks.

FOODS:Toxic Tomato
This is a combination of a Fruit and Veg, the Toxic Tomato is not actually Toxic, but is instead about the odor the Toxic Tomato produces, its odor makes most Slimes stay away from it, except for Steampunk Slimes, as their machinery seems to prevent them from being able to smell its odor.

Metal Roostro
This peculiar looking Roostro is what scientists believe is the only way of catching a Lucky Slime, if a Lucky Slime Eats this, it will cause the Lucky Slime to feel like sleeping instead of leaping into the sky for a short time, it's currently unknown why this occurs but apparently it allows ranchers to successfully vac up the Lucky Slime. Though once it wakes up and isn't in a coral once shot out, it will quickly flee again. The Metal Roostro is very hard to find in the Mesa Mesh (3% chance of spawning instead of a Roostro there) and is sometimes mistaken for an Elder Hen, these Roostros can't reproduce.

Acid Rain is a phenomenon that usually occurs in the Mesa Mesh, it is believed this occurs because of the significant population of Steampunk Slimes there and the many devices around the island, it is recommended to find shelter in caves or under structures there when black clouds begin forming there.

This device when placed will make a beeping noise every second if it detects a Gold Slime at most 45 meters away, letting you know if there's one nearby.
1x Gold Plort
5x Steampunk Plort
7x Primordiry Oil
1x Strange Diamond

Rapid Water Turret
This turret blasts water at Tarr in the speed of 5 water blasts per second, however after 10 blasts it'll need to recharge for 2 seconds, then the cycle continues.
6x Steampunk Plorts
5x Spiral Steam
4x Boom Plorts
10x Deep Brine

Anti-Tarr Shield
This device generates a shield that covers an area around it in a 7 meter wide dome that when it detects Tarr, emits flower smells, attracting slimes into the shield, which blocks out any Tarr that touch it. However, every 2 days the shield will need a fresh amount of water to stay powered.
5x Quantum Plorts
1x Royal Jelly
4x Tangle Plorts
5x Deep Brine
7x Steampunk Plorts
6x Beeswax

While this might give the surprise to ranchers and slimes, it also fascinates Steampunk Slimes that witness the mechanical side of this entertaining shock.

I've also thought of some bosses, that might fit as something special in Iron Rancher Mode as a challenge. Each boss will have a certain amount of HP and will have several attacks as well as maybe different stages.
Difficulty: SIMPLE
The Omega Tarr is more powerful than your average Tarr, it takes 50 hits and has 4 attacks:

Sticky Grab: The Omega tarr sticks out a arm of Tarr and tries to pull you towards it, dealing a slight poison while you stay in it, repeatedly move to be freed.
Reinforcements: The Omega Tarr will form 2 Regular Tarrs out of it.
Poisonous Blob: The Omega Tarr spits out a huge blob that will burst into a poisonous puddle of Tarr, avoid both the blob and the puddle!
Chomp: It simply Bites you if you get close enough.

Boss Weakness: The Omega Tarr moves slightly slower and can't leap.

The Steampunk Trio
The Steampunk Trio is technically 3 Bosses, but each of them have 2 unique attacks,
This team consists of 3 Ferals; A Steampunk Hunter, Dervish and Boom Largo.
Steampunk Hunter:
Missile Launch: The Steampunk Hunter shoots a missile out of it's tail and towards the player, there are a few different kinds of missile: Regular, Sticky Honey, Poisonous Tarr, Electric and Cluster.
Frontal Laser: The Steampunk Hunter locks onto the player and then shoots a powerful laser in that direction until it's jumped on or after a few seconds.

Steampunk Dervish:
Spinning Slice: The Steampunk Dervish will try to hit the player with it's saw-blade ring while riding on a tornado, avoid this by going a direction away from it very suddenly.
Twister Thrust: The Steampunk Dervish charges up a huge and powerful tornado and then launches it towards the player, picking it up and throwing it around.

Steampunk Boom:
Debris Combustion: The Steampunk Boom will loosen up nails and parts, magnetize them to itself and then explode, making a huge explosion with some splash damage.
Demoli-Blaster: Directed Blasts from the Steampunk Boom would shoot loose parts directly at the player
(Yeah, this slime has loads of loose parts stored...)
These can be damaged by water as well, and can't be tamed by food, can't avoid a bossfight that easy.

Difficulty: HARD
This is the most powerful, it's loads of Tangle Slimes, which combined themselves into a being 4 times the height of the player, with 4 arms, 2 legs, a single slime on top to control it all with a crown formation behind it, and 2 plort blasters that form out of it's hip, all of this boss is made from tangle slimes and vines.
This would have 7 attacks:
Tangle Strangle:
The Colossal digs two of it's arms into the ground, and then they pop up, strangling the player if unable to dodge the rumbling in the ground. Moving enough would free the player.
Tangle Grapple:
If you go really far away, the Colossal will try to grab you with an extended vine and lash you back towards it.
Tangle Strike:
The Colossal with all of it's might will try to pummel the player into the ground with a very powerful punch, this usually ends up with the arm being stuck in the ground for a few seconds, being vulnerable.
Tangle Drill:
The Colossal with leap into the air morphing into a drill shape, and spin deep into the ground, and then launching out of the ground in a different location morphing back, usually targeting the player.
Tangle Slice:
The Colossal will morph it's arm into a thorny cacti-like limp and then try to swipe the player with it, using the jetpack would usually avoid it as it's usually very low.
Tangle Linger:
Holes will open in the Colossal, spraying pollen fumes, these fumes will make your vision blurry and make you slightly slow.
Tangle Target:
The Colossal will form plort blasters out of it's hip and try to shoot the player with high speed plorts, then these blasters go back in.
This boss can be hurt by Weed Killer, which you'd find around the place during the bossfight.

Rare Slime: Chroma Slime
These are rare Slimes which are basically as hard to find as Gold Slimes, but aren't as good at fleeing, therefore, can be caught. They constantly change color as if from the pattern of a color wheel.
What's so odd about them is what they do, their diet is very hard to figure out as they seem to only like certain foods at certain times, and they make random plorts that other types would make.
It's believed that this is because it seems to telepathically morph into a type that's similar to it's color constantly, making it behave exactly like a specific type when it's green etc. (The Rad Slime).
Rarely perfect timing would make it act like a Gold Slime in terms of what it makes!
The Chroma Slime doesn't get hungry as often as other slimes though, so timing is the key when trying to use this slime to your advantage!
If it eats a Gilded Ginger Though, something different happens, it drops a Chroma Plort, this can be sold on the market for around 950-1250 Newbucks, OR can be used for a gadget!

Universal Jukebox:
A machine that will constantly play a specific tune, pressing E on the button will change the tune!
This tune can be heard through the entire map, and you can have a max of 1 made!
Resources Required:
1x Chroma Plort
15x Steampunk Plorts
3x Strange Diamonds
2x Lava Dust
12x Manifold Cubes
30x Pink Plorts
10x Glass Shards
15x Spiral Steam
2x Royal Jelly
20x Rock Plorts
10x Honey Plorts
15x Quantum Plorts
20x Mosaic Plorts
10x Saber Plorts
(This is like a 100% completion trophie, technically)
And that's all of my ideas!
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Re: (FINAL Version) Steampunk Slimes, Mesa Mesh and More!

Postby jarethverens » Sun Jul 07, 2019 2:32 pm

Btw for the Perfect Timing of the Chroma Slime, it's actually just really rare for the slime to drop a Gold Plort instead of a Quantum Plort, hopefully makes it more clear, you don't actually need to be ABSOLUTLY perfect, but still aim for when it turns yellow.
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