Enter The Rush Mode Giveaway!

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Enter The Rush Mode Giveaway!

Postby Kara » Tue May 08, 2018 1:15 pm


Rush Mode is a special game mode for ranchers who want to prove that they are as quick as they are clever. Build the most efficient ranch you can within the allotted time and you could win over $250 in goodies!

You're competing with top ranchers from across the Far, Far Range, so keep these tips in mind as you race to earn the most newbucks!

Rush Mode Tips:

- Ginger-hungry gold gordos have been spotted across the Far, Far Range - pop them and get as many gold plorts as you can!
- You earn gilded gingers and extra time bonuses by completing daily Range Exchange requests.
- Turn in 25 of any plort and receive a BONUS multiplier at the end of your run - try to get all 16!
- Experience speedier ranching with unlocked ranch expansions, semi-fed gordos, an open plort gate, fully upgraded power-ups, and a sweet selection of Slime Science gadgets!




Rush Mode Giveaway Contest

Earn your title as the ultimate slime rancher by competing in our Rush Mode Contest. Submit a photo or video of your best Rush Mode score and you could win!

How To Enter

Show off your score by tweeting @MonomiPark using #RushRancher to be entered to win. You can submit your score once per day!

The Prizes

Submit your score and you could be one of ranchers who are randomly selected to receive a Gold Achievement Pin! (3 winners will be selected at the end of the event)

Up for a challenge?

Get a Final Score of more than 150,000 to show that you've mastered the rush and you will be entered to win a $200 Fangamer gift card, Gold Achievement Pin, Slime Rancher shirt of choice, and a mouse pad signed by all of us here at Monomi Park!

All ranchers who score above 150,000 will be entered to win the ultimate prize pack! (1 winner will be selected at the end of the event)

Remember: you can submit your score once per day! So get out there and give it your best shot!

Rush prize social.png
Rush prize social.png (764.66 KiB) Viewed 10413 times

Forum ranchers, you can opt to submit your high score on this thread if you don't have access to Twitter! Keep in mind that forum submissions will be limited to one per user!

The countdown starts now!
Submit once per day from now through Monday, May 14th!

Good luck, ranchers :D


Mochi got ahold of the contest and set the Final Score Goal a liiittle too high. We've moved it down to 150k so more ranchers can enjoy the contest.

But remember! You still get entered to win the Gold Achievement Pin regardless of your score!


Added additional clarification on how to enter.
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